Andy Cohen Campaigns For RHOA’s Kandi To Compete On DWTS

Kandi Burress DWTS

HSK Exclusive – If Andy Cohen has his way, we’ll be seeing Kandi Burruss join season 19 of the ‘Dancing With The Stars’. A source tells HSK… “Andy put calls in to the producers of the show.”

Here’s what Andy Cohen had to say:

“They would be so crazy not to ask her. A Real Housewives of Atlanta star must be on the show!”


  1. Never watched a reality show this is extreme brainwashing for women and children. Nope. Pass. Bullshit.

  2. Tell me if I am right are wrong but is dancing with the stars people go do when there career Is over, and they are on there last string. Kandys career is just getting started I know she was in a girl group along time ago but her star is just now shining so what is he up to. To see if she can maybe out dance nene if not then why.

      • Yep. I was just going to say that there are a handful of C and D listers who were elevated to B- list by a successful run on DWTS.

        Even though she is far richer and more successful than Nene, Kandi is actually less well known in the celebrity world(read:the crossover world.)

        Kandi sure doesn’t need the pittance of cash which would come from this gig, BUT, she may be hoping to raise her visibility quotient much as her former group mate Tiny Harris has through The Family Hustle. I have friends who had never even HEARD of Xscape, but they know and love Tiny now. And I have heard from insiders that Kandi truly does love the spotlight, which is pretty believable. You have to have a pretty healthy ego to go into the biz to begin with.

      • She never was is a lie! Kandi has been quietly getting paid for years. Till this day TLC or should. I say T-Boz and Chili wish they had Kandi’s money. One major move she made besides being a writer was enter the adult entertainment arena.

        • You are making it seem as if Kandi was as famous as Whitney Houston or Diana Ross. Kandi could sing, but she was never as famous the two Divas that I just mentioned.

          • I agree with you as to Kandi’s stature as a singer/diva, but I guarantee you Kandi will die a rich woman, far more so than Whitney. RIP.

            Writing is where it’s at, and Kandi has the golden touch with her money management skills.

            • Popularity brings ratings to the show, not an individual’s personal finances. Whitney was a singer, not a songwriter, so her net worth never rivaled that of Mariah Carey’s net worth. At the end of the day, Whitney and Mariah are household names. Kandi Burruss is not and will likely never be.

  3. She needs to stick to writing songs….that’s where her real niche is to keep her paper flowing.

  4. If moose-nose Nene did it so can Khandi but I don’t think Khandi needs to do the show. It won’t add any value to her life.

  5. This would be GREAT for Kandi. DWTS is a whole nother demographic. Kandi maybe more richer and legitimate than Nene but Nene is WAY more known than Kandi Burruss to the general population. Those white folks that watch the show don’t know Xscape. This could increase Kandi’s visibility even more.

    • OMG! That’s almost exactly what I just added to another post above. Xscape was so overshadowed by TLC, very few white folks are even aware of them.

  6. he must be her pimp

    dancing with the star is for old has been who want to rejuvenate their career’s

    • Well that ice skater who just won an Olympic gold metal and then won DWTS is neither old nor a has been. Sometimes it is a matter of broadening your fan base.

      Wendy Williams is not a has been either. She is the second most influential woman on day time TV.

      • is all about rejuvenating people’s careers the word has been is old

        is all about net working getting their brand and fan base started

  7. Dayum you ain’t nevah lied.

    But serioulsy Kandi is too lazy (physically) to do DWTS..she would show up late due to getting food, complain that her feed and cincher hurts and and put in the work…then again..they do pay you as long as you stay on the show..hell money talks…she may do alright..anybody was better than moose..

  8. I’ll tell you who would be a good choice for DWTS: Mimi Faust. Tonight on CNN they announced that her sex tape with Niko(VIVID) has outsold all previous celebrity sex tapes and she herself has grossed 5 million. She has been offered her own spin off of LHHATL and she has officially been called the “star of the show” now. Ooooh, I bet Joseline doesn’t like that one bit.
    She is very attractive and seems like she has a brain, so she is an example of someone who could benefit from the crossover exposure of DWTS.

    I wonder if she plans to slide a few bucks over to Steebie? jk

  9. Star on DWTS and you’re career is officially over.Ask Toni Braxton and LilKim.

  10. This fake Ju Andy Cohen is using this trasy show to exploit Hebrew women in a attempt to keep them asleep and from realizing we are the real Ju’s of the bible.

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