Amber Rose Explains Why She Can’t Date an NBA Player Again

amber rose nba players

Amber Rose is officially done with a being a jersey chaser…in the NBA at least.

In an interview, she says she’s over dating basketball players because they just aren’t smart enough for her.

I’m attracted to extremely smart men and always have been. I need guys that are articulate and that can teach me something. That’s why I really don’t date ballplayers. I’ve tried, but most of them are airheads and I just can’t.


  1. Speaking as someone who knows NBA players – she’s not far off the base. I think they are recruited that way so they will conform to the league’s standards of unfairness and exploitation.

  2. Exploitation? They make 4 times more than the average NFL player in the NBA. The league lets them express themselves/protest unlike the NFL. It is a players’ league. The NFL is an owners’ league.

    I guess they’d be less “exploited” and treated “fairer” if they were working for the USPS, but their salary would be 200% less.

  3. Translation:
    Not only have I made/married into enough money of my own to support my lifestyle I’ve also aged out of the group that most professional high-profile athletes are typically looking for.

  4. No. The reason she claims to “no longer date NBA players” is because she’s already dated (if that’s what they call it these days) all the ones that would have her.

    We read the words she’s claiming but make no mistake…this lady will roll out with ANY NBA player paying her asking price.

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