TI & Tiny’s Daughter Arrested on Gun Charges

ti daughter arrested gun charges

TI and Tiny’s daughter, Zonnique Pullins, was arrested on Friday after she attempted to bring a gun through the security line at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

20-year-old Zonnique, who is TI’s step-daughter, went through an x-ray machine, and it picked up on something in her purse. That item was later confirmed to be a 380 Ruger pistol complete with a clip and five rounds.

Zonnique said she had a weapons permit but police couldn’t locate it, so she placed her under arrested.

She was booked into Clayton County Jail.

Like father like daughter?


  1. She knows she can't take no gun to an airport! The gun was loaded and five extra rounds! They considered a hostage hijacking. And she will be label as a felony. Her record will not be exsponged!

    • I don't know about this one….
      Tip & Tiny may have to pay a pretty penny to get this child out of this debacle…."a LOADED pistol through an international airport?"? These words don't even look right together in the sentence so how in heaven or hell did she think this was okay to do?

      • Shiiidddd!! Reg I am a G.R.I.T.S. and still living in the South. The South is the only region where these racists crooked ass cops will pin a person a bullshit charge and U will be trying to figure out how in the hell U was supposed to be charge the right crime but ended up with an entire different charge that is beyond recognition! And let's not forget the judges too! They decide your fate by the way they feel! Fuck the money! They better pray the don't add something else what U are really charged.

          • Hahahahaha wow…
            You believe in the craziest stuff. "Stay woke " facts!!!
            Chess not checkers. We are all being ran by clones and whites are behind it while they sit on Mars watching us go town the tube and they refuse to help us and give us money. They steal everything from us. We really invented basketball. Talk about appropriation.
            It's all in the stars and this secret website that only a few know about. It's called "YouTube". They are keeping us inline and spying on us by putting mind control chips in weaves and Rollie's.

            Facts "stay woke"

  2. She's still a child in my opinion. Have some sympathy because lest we not forget all of the stupid things we did as teens young adults. I hope she has a permit and learns a lesson.

    • She is a 20 year old legal adult, not a child. She is old enough to know right from wrong, especially when it comes to airport security. She may think its her "right" to bring weapons to an international airport, but other passengers will not be one bit amused (black/white/latino/upper class/lower class others) when a hoodrat is armed on a international flight without proper federal representation.

      I hope they (U.S. Federal courts) throw the book at her and severely punish this fake blonde thugg!!!

    • Bear in mind, she knows this is going to be seen on every urban gossip blog in the world, not to mention TMZ and other sites. Celebrities, even Z list ones, usually check their makeup and hair and try to look good in their mug shots.

      Of course, then you have Nick Nolte…..

  3. I hope you guys who make fun of Tiny's appearance will see that she birthed a very cute girl.

    Tiny's mom isn't too attractive and Tiny got her looks. But her mom is a doll IRL who would cut off her arm to help someone. She stayed with and cared for her husband with Alzheimers in her home until he died. Looks are great, but they can disguise an ugly interior.

  4. I doubt she has somebody after her. If that's the case she should have a bodyguard. She looks stoned in her mugshot.

  5. Wow you big dummy "Fred Sanford's voice" how the f*ck you gonna walk in an airport with a gun, did she really think that they were going to give her a carpet treatment "sure, just go right in the airplane with a loaded gun pistol, we don't mind". Dumb f*ck!!!

  6. So this girl is 20 and Tiny still poppin’ out babies?

    This girl just wanted attention.

    • Well…Janet claims to be pregnant at 50yrs….
      THIS is what these women are doing nowadays to keep their current situations the way they want them. IF Janet has a child in 9 months via surrogate or not she'll be 70yrs with a 20 yr old!!! Looking at THAT sentence Tiny not doing too bad, right?

      • Why do ppl care about when another person decides to conceive?!? Tiny had her daughter in her teens so now as a married woman she can't have a child?!? Some ppl only spew negativity. Smh.

        • MY POINT BEING is Tiny still poppin’ out babies when the 20-year old child needs some guidance and mothering cuz clearly she ain’t got no kinda sense bringing a loaded gun into the airport.

          People can have as many kids as they want, but it becomes obvious that the children are being conceived to keep a marriage together, fulfill the emptiness of a parent, be a “make-up” kid as in “this time I’ll get it right”. All the wrong reasons to have a kid.

          And before I am accused of knowing Tiny’s reasons, this kid’s action is the biggest reason that Tiny need to lock those tubes and concentrate and get behind the kids she already has.

    • Hey Etw…what's good with you?
      No slick shit that includes my name from you on this one?
      Oh wait…maybe you have to switch up first then come with it. I'll wait.

  7. @Sunday right! She's really goin in on me been starting with me since like 8 this morning all over a comment that i thought was funny that someone else said. She been planning at this big event all day in head meetings in all but yet has the time from 8:00am to 10:32pm to constantly argue tryna prove a point with the next woman who ain't feedin her stomach. ?

  8. I read on another site that TIP was busted for the same reason that they both had a gun. Tiny excused all of the nonsense by saying that there is a lot going on ie, the shootings in Florida, so they carried the guns for protection. Now if anybody knows that you can't carry around a loaded gun especially through airport security it should have been TIP… wasn't he busted for firearm possession?!!

  9. Like to and tiny was caught in drug procession how the hell can you raise your kids when to keeps getting locked up and your mom is on drugs and cheating on tip with Floyd may weather yeah tiny has morals alright she's bisexual and to let Nelly f*ck her as long as tip gets to f*ck Ashanti nice arrangements Lets not forget tip and tiny was both caught with guns along with young drop and fantasia bipolar ass

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