De La Hoya Golden Boy Scandal

Golden Boy Tarnished? Scandalous Pics Of Ocsar De La Hoya Surface!

HSK published this exclusive on Oscar de la Hoya back on: June 5, 2014 Resignations Amidst Revelations? HSK Exclusive - Sports Illustrated recently published this...
kanye west shia labeouf clothes

Shia LaBeouf Says Kanye Jacked His ‘F*****g Clothes’

Shia LaBeouf gave an interview to Esquire magazine and claimed Kanye is in possession of a bunch of his clothes. Kanye seemed to be somewhat...
black news anchor racist

Racist Viewer Calls Black News Anchor a N***r & Gets Dragged...

Black news anchor Sharon Reed just gracefully and eloquently dragged a racist viewer who tried to slide in her DMs and called her the...
deion sanders botox for men

Deion Sanders Endorses Botox for Men

Deion Sanders just turned 50 and celebrated by injecting a bunch of botox in his face! The Hall of Fame NFL player is a spokesperson...
yung mazi

Rapper Yung Mazi Shot and Killed in Atlanta

Jibril Abdur-Rahman a.k.a. Yung Mazi, a rapper affiliated with Kevin Gates, was shot and killed while leaving an Urban Pie pizza in Kirkwood, Atlanta. The...
bobby valentino rant

Bobby V Goes for a Bike Ride & Lets It All...

Bobby Valentino hopped on his bike and proceeded to rant about the media...while recording the whole thing for Instagram Live of course. The R&B singer...
james harden ashanti

James Harden Secretly Smashing Ashanti

Rumor has it James Harden has been secretly hooking up with Ashanti. The two have been dating as far back as 4th of July weekend...
leolah brown criminal past

Bobby Brown’s Sister Leolah’s Criminal Past Exposed!

Bobby Brown's sister, Leolah, has been on a rampage since the death of Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina...asking anyone who will listened to help...
kanye west snl audio

Audio of Kanye Spazzing Out at SNL Released – Framed by...

Kanye was acting a fool backstage before his SNL performance, and now we have the audio recording of the rapper spazzing out on the show's...
beyonce age lie 2

Beyonce Caught Lying About Her Age – Exposed By Her Father

For some time people have suspected that Beyonce lies about her age.  The vain mother of Blue Ivy just celebrated her birthday, and there...
Mark Cuban Underage Sex Affair

Mark Cuban Fathered Love Child W/ Underage Girl!

HSK Exclusive - Mark Cuban is at the center of shocking allegations that he conceived a secret love child with an underage Filipina girl,...
Harvey Levin TMZ Exposed

Harvey Levin to TMZ Staffers: “Don’t Talk to the Reporter from...

The New Yorker is finalizing a big exposé about the controversial gossip site TMZ. The magazine’s investigative piece was a year in the making, by reporter...
Sheneka Adams Nude Photo Scandal

Sheneka Adams Smash List & Nude Photos Go Viral

HSK Exclusive - Sheneka Adams jumped on social media over the weekend  to deny that she was ever Carmelo and Lala Anthony's sex slave. Now, we...
Sheneka Adams Carmelo Lala Threesomes

Carmelo & LaLa Anthony Kept Sheneka Adams As Personal Sex Slave

HSK Exclusive - Carmelo Anthony and his wife LaLa, maintain an open marriage. Know why? Because LaLa  gave her husband the green light to smash...
Tell All Book About Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Floyd Mayweather’s Former Assistant Throws Him Under The Bus

Floyd Mayweather's former assistant, Tasha Robinson White, published a book this week. The book is titled; Right Hand Of The Champ and it reveals the...
Adrene Ashford FBI Informant

Sorority Sisters: Adrene Ashford Exposed FBI Informant

HSK Exclusive - Sorority Sisters cast member, Adrene Ashford, was an informant who gave testimony to the FBI against her ex-boyfriend BMF member Tremayne...
Bill Cosby Turnt Up

Bill Cosby Drops Book of Side Chicks & Turnt Times!

'Cosby even talked about how aging had affected his roving eye for women.' Dang! It must suck to be in Camille Cosby's shoes right now....

Tank Exposes “Gay Minister” Cruising Him On IG!

Tank, took a screenshot of one of his Instagram direct images and posted it on his account for all to see. It was a...
nicholas chiassan charlie sheen herpes

Nicholas Chiassan Called Out Charlie Sheen at Center HIV Breakout!

HSK Exclusive - Word from the streets points to Nicholas Chiasson (from the Dance Music crew 'We Are The Apocalypse') as Charlie Sheen's ex...

Charlie Sheen’s Alleged HIV-Tiger Blood: Michael Nunnery’s The Word?

HSK Exclusive - Charlie Sheen may have one 'Two Tigers Entertainment' booking agent to thank for his reported HIV-positive Tiger Blood, according to our...
Steve Harvey Cheating on his Wife Marjorie

Steve Harvey: Act Like a Philanderer, Think Like a Fraud!

HSK Exclusive - As Steve Harvey prepares to pack it up and take his television show to Chicago, insiders reveal there's much more the...
Janet Jackson's Long Lost Daughter

Details Of The Daughter Janet Jackson Fails To Claim!

HSK Exclusive - We've learned the true identity of Janet Jackson and James DeBarge's biological daughter!!! Reports from other media outlets either pegged Janet's teen-pregnancy...
Cuba Gooding Jr. Cocaine & Whores Exposed

Cuba Gooding Jr.’s Blow, Booze & Booty-Call Habits Told!!!

"Cuba made no secret of getting high on cocaine." A former Los Angeles party girl says she was relieved to learn Cuba Gooding Jr.'s wife...
Tamar Braxton Cheating Mr. Rikk

Tamar’s Cheating Affair W/ Drug Kingpin Xposed!

"All this 'happily married' bullshit is just that.. she 'bout that gold digger life!" HSK Exclusive - Apparently Vince Herbert ain't the only one that's...
Al Sharpton CI #7

Al Sharpton Enters Informant Spin Zone

From Claiming "False Info" to Saying "I did what was right" "Nothing is hidden that won't be exposed. Nor is anything concealed that won't be...
Vince Herbert Cheating w/ Phaedra Alexander

Vince Herbert Exposed Cheating W/ Tamar’s Ex-BFF!

HSK Exclusive - Vince Herbert's being blasted for cheating on Tamar! AND.. we've learned the identity of the woman outed as his once secret...

El DeBarge’s Baby Momma Monica Peyton Smashing Singer’s 20-Year-Old Son!!!

HSK Exclusive - The mother of El DeBarge's youngest sons, Noah and Nicholas, is being exposed for secretly smashing the legendary singer's 20-year-old son!!!...

Charli Baltimore Was Homeless B4 Her Motor City Man ‘Trick Trick’

HSK Exclusive - Grammy-nominated lady lyricist Charli Baltimore knows first-hand just how mean the music game can be. That's because the Biggie Smalls-prodigy wasn't...
Rickey Smiley Email Exposed

Rickey Smiley Exposed “On All Fours, Moaning Like A B*#%h!”

"Find as many hoes as you can, I might fly one in." ~Rickey Smiley HSK Exclusive - The man who once served Rickey Smiley up...
Keyshia Ka'Oir Exposed Con-Woman

Keyshia Ka’oir: Exposed Con-Woman!!!

"Fight for your dreams no matter what. #KAOIRFORCE is our mindset" HSK Exclusive - Keyshia Ka'oir ain't lying when she says her mindset is getting...