Kim Burrell Faces Backlash for Bashing Eddie Long in Homophobic Sermon

Singer Kim Burrell is receiving some major backlash after going on a rant during her sermon that targeted homosexuals. In case you forgot...after Bishop Eddie...
bishop eddie long death bed

Bishop Eddie Long on His Deathbed?

Welp, it's not looking good for Bishop Eddie Long - the disgraced and controversial pastor who was accused of sexually abusing young boys. It all...
mase trans bad boy reunion tour

Mase Busted With Trans During Bad Boy Reunion Tour!

Rumors about Mase being a trans chaser have been floating around for years, and it seems like the rapper-turned-pastor-turned-rapper is back at it again...
birdman gay

Birdman Bisexual? Rapper Comes Out the Closet…Again

It seems like every few months, Birdman does some suspect sh*t to make us think he's really playing for the same team. This time,...
shemar moore gay trans

Shemar Moore Caught On Camera Kissing a Trans!

HSK outed Shemar Moore as a homosexual years ago, but the actor still refuses to come out the closet. Instead of doing his dirt...

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Jackie Long Caught Cruisin’ a Trans?!

HSK Exclusive – Last month, we told you about a drop we received on Jackie Long, claiming the 'Real Husbands of Hollywood' actor was...
Jackie Long Trans Scandal

Actor Jackie Long Caught Push’in Up On Alleged Transgender Backpage Peddler!!!

HSK Exclusive - The Trans in Tinseltown is real, ya'll ... and word is Real actor Jackie Long is no stranger to it!...

Yusaf Mack Gay Porn Pics Surface: Does He Seem Drugged To...

Fameolous got a hold of multiple pictures of Philly's Very Own boxing star, Yusaf Mack, allegedly on the set of a porn shoot have...
Down-low DJ Mustard

Is DJ Mustard Playing For The Same Team?

HSK Exclusive - DJ Mustard is rumored to have once had intimate relations with Angela Yee's make-up artist, Warrick Andrews. Don't believe me.. Ask...
Ne-Yo is NOT Gay

NE-YO Wants You to Know He’s Not Gay

"The lady doth protest too much!" ~Shakespeare Ne-Yo wants to make sure he is on record; stating his sexuality is that of a heterosexual male. Well...
NeYo Transgender Love

Transgender Planning to Expose Ne-Yo as Down-Low

Ne-Yo is at the center of the latest gay sex scandal to rock the industry...and sources say "It's gonna be hard for him to...

Miami Heat’s Norris Cole Caught Up In Brokeback Mountain Relationship

HSK Exclusive - Miami Heat point guard, Norris Cole's boyfriend Devin J jumped on social media to say that he wasn't going to be...