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Trump Indicted in Georgia

Trump Indicted in Georgia: The Never-ending Saga of 45’s Legal Woes

Let’s break it down: Trump's facing a whooping 13 felony counts. From racketeering to solicitation, from forgery to feeding us with false statements. The indictment reads like a crime novel with our former POTUS at the center of it all.

George Floyd’s Sister, LaTonya, Extends Olive Branch to Derek Chauvin

LaTonya Floyd, the sister of the late George Floyd, is ready to share her deepest sentiments regarding Derek Chauvin, the man found guilty of her brother's untimely demise.

Juicy Juice: DaniLeigh Caught Up in Booze-fuelled Scooter Drama

Singer DaniLeigh found herself in hot water over an alleged DUI hit-and-run incident involving a poor moped rider. Straight from the steamy streets of Miami Beach, Florida, reports are buzzing that the "Lil Bebe" starlet got tangled in quite the fiasco early Tuesday morning.

Deon & Roxanne Taylor’s Hidden Empire Film Group Sued for Multiple...

Darrick Angelone, partner of Deon and Roxanne Taylor's company Hyper Engine, has sued the couple and their production company for multiple counts of fraud.

Dawn Rachal – Using Reverse Racism to Get Rid of Low...

HSK Exclusive - Dr Dale Prokupek’s receptionist/sidekick, Dawn “Nurse Ratched” Rachal, Is responsible for driving low budget patients away from the good doctors office....

Takeoff from rap group Migos fatally shot during private party in...

An investigation is underway after rapper Takeoff of the popular group Migos was fatally shot during a private party at a bowling alley in...

Benzino Terrorizes Landlord, Police Warned Not to Interact with Suspect!

Benzino terrorizes female office manager because he's being EVICTED for not paying rent for 8 Months!  "He chased me.." "I'm incredibly uncomfortable that he's going...
Love Requests Dr Dre For Music Challenge & Denies JD!

Love Requests Dr Dre For Music Challenge & Denies JD!

Diddy, aka Da Black Hugh Hef, aka Brother Love, shuts down Jermaine Dupri, Versus challenge.
Norm MacDonald Died

Norm MacDonald, the SNL, producer, writer and actor, has died

Macdonald passed away after fighting a nine year battle with Cancer that he kept private from the public.
Kwame Brown Slams Russell Westbrook

Kwame Brown Slams Russell Westbrook for Wearing Women’s Clothes!

Former NBA Philadelphia 76er, Kwame Brown, recently went on a rant about the Leagues 2017 MVP Russell Westbrook, for wearing women’s clothes during a photo shoot.
Conor McGregor Throws Drink @MGK!

Conor McGregor Throws Drink @MGK!

Machine Gun Kelly and actress Megan Fox, were both on the red carpet at the 2021 MTV VMA's last night and a scuffle broke...


TICKING “Me Too” BLACKISH TIME BOMB!!! HSK Exclusive — The first Silence Breaker to surface this year is speaking out against Anthony Anderson, blasting the...