YouTuber Claims R Kelly Tag Teamed Aaliyah & Her Mom


    r kelly sex aaliyah mom

    YouTuber Tasha K released an explosive video accusing R Kelly of allegedly having sex with Aaliyah AND her mom at the same time! Tasha also claims they took his publishing rights.

    If you can stomach it, here’s the video:

    This newest allegation comes after former backup singer/dancer Jovante Cunningham claims in the new R Kelly documentary that she witnessed him having sex with an underage Aaliyah on a tour bus full of their entourage. Aaliyah’s mom has called that accusation a lie.


    1. The mom called it a lie but this same nigga married her 15 year old. BS he groomed Aaliyah that’s what pedos/molesters do. If anything she sold her daughter out for money. Or is angry and saw her as competition over this pedo..

    2. R Kelly having sex with teenage Aliyah, then marrying her so she couldnt be forced to testify against him, then having to annul the marriage was a tough time for Aliyah’s family. I am sure her mother doesnt want ro relive that time especially since Aliyah is dead and that pedo R Kelly is still breathing.

          • How is the mother a victim?

            You would let your 15 yr old child be around some grown man for fame, possibly allow him to screw you and then let him pay you off to “marry” her…Fuck outta here…Victim my Ass.

            • “She should feel shame for phucking a pedo”. No one should feel ashamed about being manipulated and abused. I wasn’t referring to her moms. I was referring to Aliyah.

              • And I WAS referring to her Mom, you Dumb Fuck…in regards to the point about her mom reliving anything.

                She IS MARRIED, which means she has NO Business Fucking anyone else.. she should have been worried about her child back THEN, not some POS pedo, she SHOULD HAVE to relive that time everyday of her life.

                Next time pay attention instead of jumping into something to make NO POINT.

                • Why I gotta be all that?? You can’t express yourself without calling me stupid? I think the person who can’t express themselves without using profanity and insults is the stupid one. Have a nice day.

                • And its not proven that her mom had sex with Kelly, so you’re the ignorant one talking about rumors as if you had factual proof about Aliyah’s moms did R. Kelly. All of this is gossip.

                • And who cares if she did or didn’t she sold her child to a pedo, Dumb Ass… so she & her husband are still garbage no matter what.

                • You’re garbage. That’s a fact. This is a blog for EVERYONE to comment on PHUCKTARD, cuz truth be told none of this isht concerns your dumb ho azz either. You obviously was touched by your father cuz you got nothin bad to say about the “monster” that is R. Kelly. Only talking about the females blames lie. I hope you get treatment for all your relatives that touched your smelly pu$$y when you were young.

                • LMAO…Stop talking about yourself, Sow.

                  Do what you do best and Go Fuck Yourself…which is what you did when you made your initial comment showing Everyone how Stupid you are & instead of taking the L you handed yourself continuing on with the BS…

                  Only a CumpDump Chickenhead Cowlike you could be so Stupid…LOL.

              • Did they Ever go after him or speak on the topic against him?.. To my recollection Fuck No… that makes them part of of the problem.

                • And usually the only reason keep theirv mouth shut is if they were paid…I know for sure he paid sparkles people off… So it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to say he did the same with these two .. Especially if he was Fucking the mom.

    3. Those hollyweird celebrities are all evil! Aaliyah was related to Gladys knight so that means her family knew about the music business and was a part of it. I believe her mother sold her to R kelly because he was hot at the time and they wanted Aaliyah to be famous and successful. shit maybe the mother did sleep with him as well! Nothing surprises me anymore.

    4. Kelly wasn’t playing lol

      I paid a mom and daughter for sex and yes they was both legal and snorting cocaine




      • I’m just throwing this out there, but do u think he could be hiv+? Since he has slept w/tons of ppl, female AND MALE (he seems to prefersmale). He has allegedly given ppl mononucleosis & herpes, for starters at least….

    6. Unfortunately women get super horny over celebrities. I believe this story. R Kelly isn’t called the Pied Piper of R&B for nothing.

    7. The story is more about R. Kelly and his wrongdoings than about putting Aaliyah on blast. She was just a child. Everybody failed Aaliyah,…even her mom

    8. Wow no wonder R Kelly is not in jail.

      Most of the women he deals with are just as depraved as him.

      • Had he been on video having sex with a 13 year old white girl, his ass would be in prison right now. If those were white women on ‘Surviving R Kelly’, investigationS would be launched.
        Remember when Brashere interviewed Michael Jackson and during that interview, Michael admitted to sleeping in the same bed as kids. That ONE interview triggered an investigation, arrest, trial….

    9. Since we are on the topic of R Kelly and underage girls, does anybody want to talk about the old video of Drake kissing a 17 year old girl?

    10. Did R kelly hold any of these girls hostage? I just don’t understand…

      I’ve met R kelly before. His ppl asked us to come to his vip section on miami. we had some drinks, then we snuck off to the bathroom and went to diddys table where it was more poppin.

      When him and his ppl were leaving they waived bye. None of us was placed in a head lock or forced to go to his crib. Our drinks were not spiked, he was not mean or disrespectful.

      I just don’t understand how they got to his house if they did not like him.

        • I’m sorry that you’re so ugly that you think meeting a male celebrity at a club is impossible… ?

          But I’ve met a lot of celebs… sorry

          • So what bitch? You have a condescending, floatly, airy way that you talk to ppl which is not unlike how most white folks talk to black ppl. “Are you up to speed?”

            So shut up for a while.

      • You are one of those dumb ass ppl that would say stupid shit like oh the girl made him do it! They don’t have to be held hostage they were little ass girls! Meaning they were not all the way mentally fully developed. They thought they were going to have a good time and hang out with their crush or whatever not basically get abused by this sick fuck!!

        • I’m sorry all these ppl were guilty in my opinion. R Kelly needs consequences for his actions, that’s clear… He needs to be shut down.

          However, these parents were not innocent at all, except Michelle’s mom.

          and at 14 and 25, R Kelly old azz was never on my radar at all… Those little girls were probably already ran through in Highschool. They should’ve been chasing b2k not RKelly old azz.

    11. Stop Picking on me.
      Yes I had sex with Aaliyah and her mom. I’m a free man because they all were black. And ya’ll know Amerikkka ain’t gots no love for black hoes. Yes I asked my mom to marry me, so what I wanted to put my slim jim in her and make her scream my name.

    12. I call upon the Archangel Michael & Jesus for protection. I did not do all that I’ve been accused of. May the real truth come out. This is about money, evil/darkness, divide & conquer, etc.

    13. after watching that last episode. I think RKELly maybe done… I’m trying to figure out how he gone recover from this???

      Did anyone notice how weak the dads were?

      • Same thing I said!

        All of those dads were beta males and let Kells take their daughters because they thought it would mean a better life for them.

        The mothers had all the balls and the dads were just sat there like the wife ??‍♀️

        • Yeah… If anyone ought to be ashamed it should be the two dads that they showed. I’m looking at they wife’s like, why you still sitting next to him

      • Kells ain’t gonna recover from this either.

        The industry’s wiped their hands off him because he ain’t a money maker no more ??‍♀️

        • R.Kelly makes money touring. He is pretty much still relevant and his concerts sell out every time. I tried to see him at the casino and it sold out within hours. His time in the industry is just over and they are going to Michael Jackson this dude. First it’s damaging their reputation and legacy, make the masses turn against him and then they’ll set him to murder his a$$ and collect off of him. He is worth more dead than alive at this point and do you know how extensive that man’s music catalog is? Not only his own but he has written hits for Michael Jackson, Celine Dion etc the industry is gonna be sitting pretty with his music, since the docuseries his music spiked up again in sells on Spotify.

    14. Im glad i don’t have cable to endorse/participate in this mess. Black ppl loved to be entertained esp if its rehashed & or degrading to self,we really need to #dobetter mho

    15. you couldn’t marry someone underage in usa so why they made up false marriage documents in first place between kelly and aaliyah? tricky shit!

    16. Aaliyah’s mom is just as guilty as R Kelly. She pimped her daughter in the hopes that Aaliyah would become a star. Aaliyah’s mom is just as mentally fucked up as Kris Jenner and Teri Shields (Brooke Shields mom). Any parent who pimps out their children to sexual predators should be arrested and investigated by Child Protected Services (CPS)!

    17. I’m confused abt the mom’s statement! If she/her husband was “always there” as she says, thn how is it tht a lot of the things tht took place were able to happen rght in front of their faces. Not only were there NO criminal charges filed nd u KNEW they were sexually involved, instead u some how end up w/his whole damn catalogue (which insures future income frm royalties) nd as parents take NO responsibility in the role u played in failing ur child ?


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