YouTuber Accuses Tyrese of Allegedly Raping Raven Symone


    tyrese raven symone

    YouTuber Tasha K revealed in her latest video that Raven Symone and Tyrese were allegedly “real” close at one time, and Tyrese allegedly “took it” from her! Tasha is implying that Tyrese was the first man Raven slept with.

    Click the play button.

    Do you believe it?


      • What the Fuck is wrong with you?

        Who wants to be raped, Idiot…

        Rape and molestation are usually the reason most people turn/are gay and there is nothing funny about that.

    1. Is he being called a rapist? This ought to send him over the edge! WHO needs the most social media hits?

    2. Honestly those two even being in the same room never crossed my mind. If he really did rape her he needs to go to prison wtf!

    3. If anyone should have said anything it should have been Raven not this broad. And why wait all these years later to stir some shit up that’s the problem with funky broads these days say shut when it happens

    4. Raven been gay since teenager days. Tyrese fu*ked her and for a while she was paying men to f*ck her. She is involuntary lesbian because very few high value dudes find her fu*kable

    5. If Raven Symone admits that she was molested and raped by high level Disney executives, I will never talk shit about her again. #AnOpenSecret

      • Raven had good parents. She wasn’t a typical child star, so fall back. She wasn’t paying her parents rent. She’s a multimillionaire that could have retired 10 years ago.

        You dudes are so mad Raven don’t want your dusty ass d***. lol

    6. Damn. Debbie Allen got to alot of young, African American women. Lisa, Maiya, Jasmine, Raven, Keisha, and God knows who else. She must have been the gate keeper for all those acting careers. Sad. Smh.

    7. Y’all making her out to be a SUPER CARPET MUNCHING MACHINE……..MY WORD(clutching pearls)……..


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