YG Pays Homage to Brown-Skinned Women After Backlash


    yg coachella light skin

    After getting backlash for making a colorist statement about his and Nipsey Hussle’s “pretty, light skin” daughters during the slain rapper’s memorial, YG paid homage to his favorite brown-skinned musicians at this year’s Coachella.

    While performing the Cardi B track “She Bad,” a video montage of Teyana Taylor, Rihanna, Beyonce, and Nicki Minaj played in the background.

    Oh, and he added JLO and Ariana Grande to the mix.

    Is YG still canceled?


    1. Yes he is cancelled. His own mother, sister, niece, and nephew are dark skin. This colorist negro needs a reality check.

    2. Why didn’t he mention women like Lupita Nyongo, Ryan Destiny, India Skye, Raven Goodwin, and others.

    3. Hes fucking trash. None of them were dark skinned and I seen a couple of non black women.Thats so sad literally no other race bashes each other than black people. In the comment sections everywhere black guys talk down on black women and vice versa. But that’s what whites want. Slavery really fucked up a lot of blacks genetic pools 🤦🏾‍♀️

      • Especially the black man don’t think he’s made it until he has an ugly Becky
        on his arm..Don’t cry when they take half your money.
        The sooner he’s broke the better—— he’s lost his mind..
        His light skin daughter I’d UGLY, but she’s light skin, right

      • Dawg I will be real i find light brown black women more attractive then fair or darkskin black women. And why do black women blame us for colorism when it was white men who were “bleaching” negroes

    4. Does he like women?

      When you like women, you’re only thinking about whether she looks good or not.

    5. this is why yg wont every be really big. he couldve been a household name but he is stupid and a goof.


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