YG Hangs Himself In Controversial New Music Video


    yg hangs himself music video

    In YG’s new music video “Stop Snitchin'” the rapper hangs himself in a scene the depicts slavery on a plantation.

    Did he go too far?


    1. YG is trash. This stop snitching needs to stop. That’s what’s wrong with the black community. These sellout stereotypical rappers need to stop setting bad examples for the youth.

    2. lasxt time a rapper played with death they actually got shot in real life

      pac and proof from d12 azre good examples

    3. YG is an idiot! Why does the black community keep being supportive of rappers who don’t even like themselves, such as Michael Jackson and YG. Colorism at it’s finest. Today’s youth need to look up to scholars and intellectuals who are positive role models, not this trash.

    4. He’s from Cali. They have issues. 🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♂️ One minute they’re Malcolm X and then they’re Charles Barkley. They smoke too much.

    5. At least he made a song giving goons instructions on robbing racist ass Chinese.

      He also made “Fuck Donald Trump.”

      He should make a song about beating up Mexicans, Indians, and Koreans. 🤣

    6. So our KANGS, black men are making songs about degrading other minorities but NEVER about their real enemy, the so called devil…make it make sense.


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