YG Gets Dragged for Colorist Comments at Nipsey Hussle’s Memorial


    yg nipsey hussle light skinned

    During Nipsey Hussle’s public memorial, YG spoke about how he and the late rapper would have deep conversations. Then his speech went left when he made this comment:

    “Look, bro, we got some light-skinned pretty girls we gotta raise we in trouble my n***a. What we gonna do? Bro always gave me advice.”

    The internet is now dragging him for his colorist comment.

    Does he deserve the backlash?

    nipsey hussle daughter emani

    yg daughter light skin


    1. Nine times out of ten you know exactly what you are about to say and how to get people upset to make your self a little bit famous that was a stupid ass thing to say and if you want your 2 minutes of Fame you went a stupid ass way to get it

    2. By the way does he deserved the backlash no why because that’s what he wants don’t pay attention to that they feed off of that

    3. I immediately picked up on his ignorant ass comment as well..He should have said “We’re raising beautiful black girl’s” instead of acknowledging their beauty in terms of being light skinned. But his comment didn’t suprise me just listening to him speak, all the cursing, profanity, nigga this, nigga that. He’s the typical dark skinned simp infatuated with light, and whiteness.

      • Most of y’all wish y’all was light skinned that’s why y’all so salty when light skins are fetishized lmao. Get a life. People got preference

        • Nobody cares about being light skinned dumb ass bitch because it’s uglyyyyy light skin hoes just like you will find some pretty ass Dark skinned women

    4. By far the most ignorant motha focka to hit the stage yesterday. I knew he would RIGHTFULLY get push back. Dude is young & very dumb, SMDH. These new age rappers are just disrespectful across the board. Never experienced this level of ignorance with old school hip hop artists.

    5. Ignorant Comments?? But….their daughters ARE light skinned pretty little girls!?!?! The hell wrong with y’all!?!?

      • Yes, but do people ever say “we are raising darkskinned pretty girls?” No you will not because In the black community, the closer you are to being white, the more beautiful you are. It’s perpetuating the light is right mentality in the black community and it needs to stop.

        • Exactly?! Exactly?! Exactly!!!! D of LA is tripping. That’s why people mad because of those colorist comments. That’s why light skinned girls are known to be stuck up because they are treated more precious and it gets to their head. Dark skinned women were never given the respect they deserved. Black men are infatuated with white and light skinned women but dark skinned women aren’t seen as beautiful and feminine but rather rough and ghetto.

        • Okay we acknowledge the Willie Lynch Syndrome exist within many of the African American Community… Now let’s move towards ending this stream of thought; so the YG’s of the world will KNOW there is VALUE in all our people and more importantly , YG will KNOW the GIFT OF MELANIN.

      • yg daughter is ugly. all she has is the yellow skin. thats why yg said something. he wants to put his kid up there with nipseys daughter who is pretty.
        yg knows his family doesnt look as good as nipsey kids.

    6. Black men are an embarrassment and non-black men notice their racist ways towards dark skinned black women and think it makes no sense. DS black women….let the LS women cape, march, and support their sorry asses since they focus on them in such a positive manner…ad nauseum.

      • The sad thing are many white man secretly desire attractive women especially black women truth….niggas are so dumb

        • So true, my best friend with whom I grew up with on the same block started dating after her divorce and white men were loving that chocolate skin, but growing up kids in elementary and high school would call her ‘blacky’, ‘ugly’, etc….and this coming from black kids, young adults!!!!
          In addition to her chocolate skin, I believe white men are attracted to her intellect as well. She graduated from UC Berkeley, works and lives in SFO. Like someone above said, a black man would look at her and soley based on her skin color think ghetto, rough, ratchet. Knowing this she would still prefer a black man over a white man anyday.

          • Because Black women are loyal, loving and we are the mothers of these Black men who reject our younger counterparts. It’s all really very sad and embarrassing.

            • black men are so embarrassing. like in the work place. when things go wrong they will stand next to a black woman but any other time they shun her.

    7. These little girls are nothing like he described. They are very average looking little girls;nothing spectacular. Nipsey Hussle’s Daughter aint even light skin instead she’s brown and the other little girl isn’t cute not even a little bit. She looks like his regular looking ass and her Mother who is typically fat, white, basic, and below average because that’s all he can attract with his ignorant no non talking ass. He can’t get no bad light skin bitches that look like models because the attributes would be presented in his basic looking Daughter he bragged about. A good example of pretty girls (growing up) are Eddie’s Murphy’s two daughters. They are both beautiful and models why because of their Mother’s attributes. She’s light skin but beautiful to.
      When determining beauty, it’s the features and other certain attributes that makes someone attractive. Being light skin does not make someone pretty by default dumb ass low self esteem ghetto coon azz nigga. I don’t mean to be so mean but the dumb shit these niggas be saying about light being right are really getting out of hand.

        • The truth is the light and that comment was RIGHT… I was thinking the EXACT SAME THING about YG Baby momma when I seen her. Basic Obese Troglodyte Female beast.

    8. oh by the way god forgot to add lips on his daughter face which is a attributes most white people now want and find attractive…his daughter will never be that preety girl cause she looks like his basic looking ass sorry….you should have had a child with a model lol

    9. And we are lead to believe that Nipsey and his Crew are revolutionaries, the new Tupac, the savoir of our people, THEY WERE GONNA CHANGE THE WORLD….lol. More like the laughing stock of the whole world. THIS IS THE BEST OF OUR LEADERSHIP?..SMFH. And Nipsey knew this man and had him in his circle?

    10. My 10 yr old son mother is darkskinned an I use to tear that dark chocolate pussy all way up have her snoring after we was done.

    11. Alot of ppl should have sat their ass down like Snoop Dogg, some ppl were more worried about being seen then about genuinely saying goodbye or sharing a thoughtful memory.

      • Yes, they are. They take pride in being the court jesters, not enunciated and speaking like Steppin Fetch-it. It really is embarrassing.

      • What is most crazy is when these Black Men hold up these albino, bastardizations of themselves as though they are the Lion King and The child looks like a Lion Holding Up a Peacock… THE CHILD LOOKS NOTHING LIKE THEM!

    12. The real question is: Why is it that whenever I hear black men making statements like this, they are usually YG’s skin tone or darker?

      Another question is: Why are black men like this so hard pressed and desperate to erase themselves from this Earth? If they truly believed that they are Kings and are decedents from black Queens and Kings, then they would take pride into reproducing themselves as they are and have been for many years.

    13. Cali niggas are known for being real colorstruck, and fetishising light skin women. His ignorance comes as no surprise. If black women really want to put these rappers in their places, then stop giving them your money. Boycotting with your wallet speaks louder, than actual protesting.

    14. That wasn’t really colorist hes just said him and Nimpsy Hustle have pretty daughters who literally are light-skinned. I don’t see what was wrong with his comment.


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