XXXTentacion’s Mom Is Dating 24-Year-Old Lil Uzi Vert


    lil uzi vert xxxtentacion mom

    38-Year-Old Cleopatra Bernard and the 24-year-old Lil Uzi Vert reportedly developed a close friendship following XXXTentacion’s murder.

    After comforting each other through their grief, things got romantic. Some of X’s fans have even spotted the couple holding hands around South Florida.

    Rumors started swirling after X’s death in June, and Cleo even bought Uzi a giant artwork for his 24th birthday on July 31. She posted the above picture of the two of them together, along with the caption: “I had this made for @liluzivert birthday and he loved it,thank you @artbybankrupt you are extremely talented.”



    1. 14 year difference. Kinda weird. I doubt that I would be looking for love while I was grieving. Wouldn’t be in the frame of mind for it.

    2. When a woman does shit like that, you have to ask yourself what her true relationship with her son was

      • I don’t know nothing about Xxx but when looking up him, he loved his mom to the point of no return, so she must’ve of done something right by him. Because she was his entire world, all he really talked about. Maybe she’s one of those moms that already seen it coming and was prepared, idk. It’s weird how quick she can move forward without falling apart, however that maybe just her personality. And nobody knows what she does behind closed doors. She could be crying every night, but don’t want to give ppl the satisfaction of seeing it publically.


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