Woman Who Posted R Kelly’s Bail Identified


    r kelly valencia love

    The woman who posted bail for R. Kelly has been identified as Valencia Love, a business owner who described R Kelly as a “good friend of mine.”

    She added that she didn’t condone the allegations but she thought he had the right to a fair trial. Other people disagree, and Valencia’s restaurants are now being boycotted.


    1. It’s her $ and if she wants to help him so be it. Maybe he helped her in the past & she’s just returning the favor(that’s a good friend).

      That being said, why is it that black folks are so hard on each other. Yet will give other races a free pass when they disrespect us.

      • Well Eve did eat from the tree first so no matter how heinous and wicked a man is they’ll always be some dumbass female who still sympathizes with him. Maybe R Kelly treated her like gold because she was over the age of 25 lol. But still the public shouldn’t know this. Any transactions with a government institution should be anonymous. It’s always some low paid asshole snitching on somebody or stealing commissary money at the jail.

      • Shutup. This nigga raped multiple black women. How about you care about that versus other races that have nothing to do with us. Stupid!

        • I DO care about that! Can’t you understand the context of my comment? Too many dark skinned idiots male and female who still rock with R Kelly. Bitch ass niggas like crazychris and breeder think it’s a joke.

          • Children can’t give consent, Asshole!

            He is on tape with girls 13 to 17…besides that Rape is About POWER & CONTROL NOT Sex, Dumb Ass and that is All that MF is about is Controlling these young ladies lives.

      • SPEAK! I say the same thing…we are so hard on each other. No other race of people goes in on their own like we do. But will defend, stand, riot, protest, march, speak to another races cause in a heartbeat. We all need to realize, they don’t go that hard for us and never will. What race stands behind us getting our reparations. NONE!

    2. She’s a Dumb ass. This world is so backwards and just needs to end. What’s even sicker is people defending this pervert that has been doing this for almost 20 years!

      • Leave my boy R kelly alone…fight the Clintons who are trafficking young black children in Haiti….o wait yo bitch ass is scared of massa

        • Shut the fuck up stupid ass coon! Anyone taking up for this piece of shit is a piece of shit themselves!!

          • Foreal so i guess those black women who voted for rapist Clinton…are a piece of shit. You black hoes love massa being a pedophile but you hoes are quick to attack a black man….smdh


            • You must be a fag who only loves white men because all you do is talk about them! Go suck a white man’s dick you asshole!!

      • +1!!

        I can’t even believe anyone in their RIGHT mind would support this sex-slave, underage traffiking, pederast CLOWN.

    3. Aruh …word on the skreet is that Kelz is playing broke. He’s hiding his money. rich broke. He owes child support so if he came up with his own bail
      Money it would raise suspicion …

    4. R. Kelly knew all of this was coming and started hiding money. I bet that the $100K was his money that she was holding.

      Once he beats this case (and he will), he’s gonna do a Russell Simmons and head overseas.

    5. Sooo, black folk are boycotting a black woman’s business because she chooses to support a black man. But folk aren’t boycotting white, arab, asian, and hispanic/latino? Whites are the most evil people in existence. For every R Kelly, there’s thousands of whites that are ten times worse. Every white person is a sh** person. Every single one.

      • so its okay for him to still rap children and moleste them also r kelly was invoved with sex trafficking and selling black people organs i mean really what do white people have to do with this this man is pimping and selling black poor children and that doesn’t bother you that’s the problem i have with black folks when black person does somehting they go to what white people do lets focus on lur communty first people do

        • Exactly! Who doesn’t know that whites are fucked up but what’s even worst is a black selling out his own people! He’s part of the problem and there is no defending this nigga put his ass in prison

          • This mammy that posted his bail just met him on a cruise 5 months ago. She deserves all the problems and negative consequences she suffers for associating with this rapist pos.

      • Exactly..boycotting a sista helping r kelly butnot boycotting the realshit like the real shitgoing with police shootings andshit.I can give 2 fcks about where r kelly sticks his dick …he aint rapping no one

        • Shut Up imbecile… Fucking Children is Rape.. No Child can consent to sex with an adult, Asshole.

      • Yessssah! SMH @ my people. They are so quick to jump on their own. Hell, Elvis Presley married an underage Priscilla for the whole world to see…began dating her at twelve (there’s a book written about it, it’s supposed to be romantic) No one blinked an eye. They were treated like royalty. Hugh Hefner went out with his money remaining in his pocket and his reputation..Yet, they are roasting Bill Cosby over a blazing flame…determined to take his money before he leaves out of here. They do it to all of them. Don’t get me wrong, I hate Pedophiles..but this situation is different. It’s about $$$! Who will they go after next?? I never heard not one of them say that R raped them..not one. They were all willing participants. Most pedophiles are raping and molesting. Everyone involved with R was guilty..All of them. Guilty of the three Temptations of Life. Lust of the eye, Lust of the Flesh and The Pride of Life. They were Starstruck, wanting for fame and money. So..I’m just not willing to go along with the Lynching of R Kelly. Sorry Not Sorry. One last thing…most entertainers have been with underaged girls. R’s situation is just more sensationalized. Uncle Luke said that parents would bring their underaged girls to them and both would lie about their age. Are we gonna drag them all down? It’s what happens in that society. Roman Polanski was found guilty of drugging and RAPING a little girl, yet they allowed him to leave the country and he is still living his best life. It’s just the way they go about shit that bothers me.

        • If a man cannot tell the difference between a CHILD and an adult then he needs to stop fucking until he knows the difference. Next you will be telling us R.Kelly thought Aaliyah was 18…. That heap of garbage you wrote tells the world black men see nothing wrong in the degenerate behaviour of the caveman and are only whining because MASSA wont allow them to do the same to black children. Proves both white and black men have the same moral compass.

    6. Media is shining a light on R Kelly and Bussie Smollett, but WHERE is the public shaming and dragging of ALL the white men?

      This is bigger than R Kelly (who should have been jailed years ago). This is about a campaign against the character of black men. And combine this with all the disgusting images of black female-white male pairings (and even Asian male, when NO black women want them). Black folk need to recognize the filth that’s happening now.

      But even more significant is the undeniable FACT that WHITES are the worst degenerates in existence. WHITES create international rings for exploitation of children. WHITE men travel the world to abuse children. WHITES create charities internationally to abuse children.

      Get ALL the predators, not just the ones that satisfy your faggot azz agenda.

      • This is bigger than a campaign against the character of black men, this is a war against all heterosexual black men. Sistas, you must stand by us, no matter how fucked up we are. More than ever before, black men need black women.

        PS: To all of the black men who married and impregnated becky, YOU FUCKED UP!

      • In Africa and in America, if black men ruled, it is LAWFUL for the men to still rape/marry children so they dont need to go to a foreign country to rape children. The so called devil has made it a crime in his own country. Meanwhile in Nigeria and Jamaica they want to lower the age that black men can rape children to 10 and 14 years desrespectedly. So tell me again who is the devil.

      • The FACTS clearly show that black men are the worse degenerates in history when in 2019 black men are still raping/marrying children as young as 10, 11, 13, 14. Go Google child brides. The white man, the so called devil just wants the same rights as black men have to marry/rape children. So who is the devil again….

        • But the whyte man has said he has a higher iq and is a civilized so why the fuck would he be engaging in barbarity…did natural selection make him this goofy?

    7. Black women I have a question. How come none of you will protest against Ed Buck, Jeffrey Epstein or Bryan Singer? Why do you choose to only protest against black men who are accused of committing crimes?

      • massa dont care about them thats why…women usually cherish things that dont love them…thats why despite all the historical white male sexual abuse these hoes still see the white man as their saviour smdh


      • So you are using WS to justify the rape sexual molestation and human trafficking of the most vulnerable of young girls there are by a sexual predator and it’s wrong because he’s black. Or you’re trying to infer that it’s WM fault that R Kelly chose to be a pedo. The BC diesn’t give a flying fuck about the safety of Black Girls, Black Children, or BW.

      • We choose to protest because you must be a monster aka a vile predator and COWARD, to want to rape a BLACK CHILD when there are plenty of women out there willing to give it up for free. Meanwhile our KANGS are big mad that they are being held accountable for raping children.

    8. Well said Breeder. Sistas will protest against R Kelly and boule Bill because white daddy told them to do so. They stay silent about white sex criminals like Ed Buck, Jeffrey Epstein and Bryan Singer. In conclusion, most black women will do whatever white daddy (Richard Spencer) and feminazi mommy (Gloria Allred) tell them to do.

      One more thing, black women have never protested against ghettogaggers, which is black women being sexually and violently abused on camera. Unfortunately more and more sistas are signing up to do ghettogaggers! Why?

      • These ghetto gaggers girls are clinically insane…you must understand that most black hoes love that slave/master dynamic that why these hoes dont protest the sister who swallow loads of racist white cum…

        • Black men can still rape and marry children. Over in black countries they call it TRADITION. But we are told by black men that they are morally superior than yhites and that our KANGS are PROTECTORS AND PROVIDERS of black women and children. So why are black men talking about the ywhte man does it so why can’t we abuse CHILDREN too.

          • Those African countries that allowed men to marry children are fucked up…but third world countries usually practice third world customs but the white man is living in luxury while still engaging in depravity smdh

            • *******White men from all backgrounds and classes travel the world to abuse children. They create domestic and international networks to abuse children.********

              • Stop it. Black men are the ones kidnapping and trafficking black children as sex slaves and body parts. If it were the whiteman all hell would have broken lose a long time ago. The reason nothing is being done is because black men and our leaders know who is reaponsible….our own kind…fathers, brothers, sons, uncles, etc.

      • In PATRIARCHY it is the MEN NOT THE WOMEN that are the defenders and PROTECTORS. But the whole world knows that black men are the only men that look to their women to defend MEN, WOMEN and CHILDREN

        • Keep telling yourself that, you ugly, no dick white faggot. You’re not and will never be a man. It must burn you inside every time a real (black) man crosses your path, you gay bitch.

      • Not only them NBA..No one did a thing about Stephen Collins the played the father on Seventh Heaven. He admitted to what he did and he’s off somewhere probably doing the same things. No charges filed. He’s a pedophile creep.

        • So you are worried about some white POS, but NOT a black one who is raping Black Children and Women because he’s black?

          Get a Lobotomy your Brain is Beyond Dead or is it dead because you already had one…smfh.

      • Yeah but they dissed nelly because he swiped a credit card on a girls ass

        Yeah every girl in these videos are paid nobidy forced anybody to be there

    9. Exonerate Kels! yea I said it I wanted all of this protest to happen the first time and BLACK WOMEN defended him the most, along with radio stations..These parents gave them up ..almost fought chicks over Kelly..NOW y’all wanna go hard….screw yall lets go R beat it again! All from stuff y’all saw on TV….DUMB FOLKS! Don’t read! Don’t research! good night!

    10. So as usual our KANGS don’t protest or defend black children. It took a ywhite devil to bring this monster to justice meanwhile our black KANGS are writing thesis and paragraphs on why they will not defend or protect black children and why massa should allow them to continue abusing black children. Like most COWARDS they cannot step to another man/so called devil so instead they prey on the weak and DEFENCELESS….. CHILDREN. Not Zimmerman…… CHILDREN.

      • We call them children but isnt it these black hoes who beat their young daughters to tears like if they grown adults…. I remember my aunt would call my cousin fast and whop her ass DAILY and she was only 11…black mothers are serious abusers

          • I am thinking that you were called fast growning up and big momma used to whop you while you were crying “no momma ise never slept wid all dem whyte boyz” lmao

            • Stop talking about yourself Clown, no wonder you were Raped, acting like a female, suits you….SMH.

    11. In PATRIARCHY it is the MEN NOT THE WOMEN that are the defenders and PROTECTORS. But the whole world knows that black men are the only men that look to their women to defend MEN, WOMEN and CHILDREN. Has it ever entered any of your minds that it’s a man’s job. No other race looks to their women to do this job. Then you are baffled why you are not respected. WHERE ARE THE PROTECTORS AND DEFENDERS OF BLACK CHILDREN. YOU MEAN THERE ARE OVER 8 MILLION BLACK KANGS AND NOT ONE HAS TAKEN OUT ZIMMERMAN OR R.KELLY.

      • Keep telling yourself that, you ugly, no dick white faggot. You’re will NEVER be a man. It must burn your pasty soul every time a real (black) man crosses your path, bitch.

    12. 65,000 black children go missing every year in America. Most never make it back home. Kidnapped and sold as child sex slaves or body parts. R.Kelly has been selling his kiddie porn on the dark web along with videos of his sex slaves eating shit and drinking his piss. He is only the tip of a very large iceberg. Meanwhile, our KANGS/PROTECTORS, so called LEADERS have NEVER asked the question, where and who are responsible. Black men, our own sons, fathers, husbands , etc. are. Yet top of our agenda is the protection of approx 350 black men killed by cops every year. Arse backwards.

      • we dont do anything because we have heard our mothers and aunts call these missing girls fast, hot in the pants and they aint shit…so we learning from KWEENZ to not protect them

      • Those black children that go missing are being trafficked by you WHITES and your slave MEXICANS.

        • Stop it. Black men are the ones kidnapping and trafficking black children as sex slaves and body parts. If it were the whiteman all hell would have broken lose a long time ago. The reason nothing is being done is because black men and our leaders know who is reaponsible….our own kind…fathers, brothers, sons, uncles, etc.

    13. Anyone still defending this monster…..CURSES be upon you. May you suffer 10,000 times the pain our black children suffer as sex slaves. Wishing and prayering that you and other pedophiles die a horrendous and long and painful death. Preferably death by 10,000 cuts and may you never find peace or a good nights rest. DEATH TO ALL PEDOPHILES. AND SO BE IT. WE SEE YOU.

    14. Even white scientists and whites in Federal agencies admit that a SERIAL KILLER, CHILD ABUSER, HUMAN TRAFFICKER, and every other degenerate is more likely to be WHITE.

      “To Catch a Predator” showed almost all WHITE MALES trying to get with underage boys and girls. Ask Chris Hansen how many blacks came to the house.

      White men are natural degenerates. It’s in their DNA.

      • and the black men who engage in those behaviours are usually tryin to imitate or live like white massa…thats why i tell respectable blacks to segregate themsleves from whites and build just like tulsa

        • Whites have been gay, cross dressers, child molesters since the days of the first culture stealing non building Greeks, then romans and the church and pope….so on….they left plenty of statues, art and writings BANGING kids, animals, women and other men! all you have to do is look it up and see the BEAST in action…and they are proud of it too! SICK!

          • Stop the lies. Black men were the first gays and were raping children and animals long before the creation of white race. And black men are still at it… just read the comments. They are still fighting hard for the right to rape children. In Africa they call it TRADITION. WHITE MEN CALL IT A CRIME.

      • Go tell R. Kelly and all other paedophiles to LEAVE BLACK CHILDREN ONLY. Like most COWARDS they can only compete with the weak and DEFENCELESS. I wish he and his kind would brainwash their so called arch enemy and make ywhites eat his shit and piss on the white man instead of young, naive, black children.

    15. Then you same COWARDS have the audacity to whine and complain when YOUR MASSA starts shooting you in the back whilst you’re running away with your tail between your legs….like all COWARDS. But you’re big and bad when it comes to abusing black children or supporting the monsters/savages that abuse them.

    16. If only black men would keep the same energy they have in supporting R.Kelly and use that same energy when confronting the ywhte man. But instead they choose to remain COWARDS and abuse black children, and not their abusers, the whiteman. When confronted by whitemen they are quick to go down on their knees, or run and play hide and seek, whine and complain, like true COWARDS.


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