Woman Claims Bow Wow Allegedly Sexually Assaulted & Got Her Pregnant?


    bow wow baby mama

    A woman is claiming she was pregnant by Bow Wow, and the rapper allegedly had sex with her while she was drunk and asleep!

    Hit the play button to hear her tell the story:


    1. It’s sad to say this but I don’t think he slept with her because she’s too dark. He’s colorstruck and only dates light skinned girls (and men) and believes he’s part white

      • bow wow is part white almost all of black americans are part neadranthal, 25 % to be exact. And why is that if a black man likes a lighter shade of woman he is color struck or self hater especially when he is lightskin himself smdh

        • just cause somebody say your black doesnt mean your black ie booker t washington bob marley, fredrick douglas, and rosa parks werent black they were MIXED but your blacks ass wants to believe they areblack. Most slaves descendants are mixed race meaning they have noticeable caucasian blood

          • Looka here you afrKKKoon don’t speak on the Most High’s Chosen’s all you are is a jealous Shit Bag who needs to worry about his continent of nobodies…who do nothing but make more nobodies.

    2. She is a pretty girl! That’s why it’s said that Black boys and men are weak for choosing white girls because these white chicks can’t fuck with these bad sistas!

      • She is pretty. I have noticed that black women with ethiopian features look really nice. Most beautiful carribeans women look habesha. With slim nose and lips, wide eyes and brown to light skin and a fat ass

          • Ethiopian and east african women are gorgeous and they are really feminine. Seen alot of black men walking with Ethiopian women in DC and Maryland

            • Who gives a shit what an afriKKKoon like you thinks this young lady is not one of you nor does she look like anything from that shit continent…besides you can’t pull any of them either.

    3. She’s alleging that she was sexually assaulted by Bow Wow & all u can talk about is her looks. Oh my!!!!

      • And this is Exactly why the majority of Rapist get off….people never take this shit as serious as it is.

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