Willow Smith Received an Offer to Direct an Adult Film


    willow smith porn

    After an episode of Red Table Talk where Willow Smith made public statements “about the negative impacts of stigmatizing porn,” award-winning adult filmmaker Bree Mills sent Willow a letter:

    “Adult films that are artistic and progressive provide an opportunity for people to explore and connect around issues of sexuality, which is very difficult to find in other aspects of today’s society and education systems. […] This is something that, as a woman and an award-winning adult filmmaker, I take very seriously.”

    Bree then offered Willow the chance to “direct an adult film, digital series or documentary of your choosing,” and adds that she will have “full artistic control.”

    No word yet on whether 18-year-old Willow will take her up on her offer.


    1. Fact: Most porn stars have caught the type of sexually transmitted diseases that penicillin can’t cure.

    2. Why do I have that feeling as if she’ll actually accept that offer.. no surprise there.. Jayden is confused as fuck, mom is a porn addict, Will fuck a whole lot of side bitches and got the sanction to do it… Willow free spirit and all about that 60’s, fuck a man or women or a tranny don’t matter, its just get high and be happy type.. that fam is too free spirited with their business out there like that smh hmm

        • Thank u Duanna, baby boy crying ass, Johnny Gill all together in DUBI
          all those white actresses posing like they screwing, we’re just for publicity..
          Who knows might be BI but according to the ex something else was going on..

    3. I’m sure her parents wouldn’t care. Will and jada will be in the background somewhere at home whacking off to this “artistic and progressive” piece of garbage.

    4. Sad as fuck and just look at who raise this child.. Oh I forgot they raise themselves..
      She posted pictures of an old white man in her bed.. My mother would never ever let
      none of that shit, happen to any of us..

    5. Fact: The so called A-list white bitches who do porn will receive as much as $5000 a scene.
      Black chicks will only get $500 to $1000.

    6. This is sick on so many levels I can’t believe her parents imagine all of the cray thing they saw coming up and people still walking around saying will and Jada are goals those two are gross as parents.

    7. When Snoop made MILLIONS from porn no one bat an eyelid. Now EVERYONE has something negative to say. Could it be because she is a black woman. Different rules for her…..sexism?

      • Not sexism, shes gonna prob receive the most backlash from black women…take that back, these new breed of dudes are straight bitches…People just put all these rules on their lives because they’re conditioned to conform to social norms.

        Why be boxed into ONE lane if you dont have to be? White man gave yall 50 shades of gray or whatever and yall aint say shit. Ol hatin ass motherfuckers.

    8. Yes it is sexism. If it was a man, in her positipn, everyone on here wouldn’t bat an eyelid or would have any such comments. NO ONE was saying sad as fuck to Snoop, Too Short, etc.

    9. Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle is a mixed hardcore pornography and hip-hop music video featuring the music of rapper Snoop Dogg and presented by him. It was released in 2001. It was the first hardcore video ever listed on the Billboard music video sales chart.[1] Because of its huge success, it started a trend where rappers are put into the mainstream of the porn industry by hosting X-rated films.[2][3] Many films of the genre followed, starring Necro, Mystikal, Too Short,[4] Ice-T and Yukmouth.[5] It also allowed Hustler to expand its boundaries by launching new subsidiaries for their recently formed fashion line and CD label.

    10. Will Smith and Jada are partners, but Duane Martin is the wife and Benny Medina is the side chick.

    11. She she do a documentary on the women and men who got AIDS on the set of adult film industry, who speak out about it but are swept under the rug.

      • Shit not just AIDS the ones who have caught every disease under the sun.

        I bet these people are part of the reason there is super gonorrhea and other things that can’t be cured by penicillin.

          • Pros actually use condoms…porn people Don’t.

            And they pass the same shit around like tictacs…you can only use penicillin so long before it is NON-effective…if you know anything about disease it learns how to mutate, become stronger.


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