Where’s Wendy Williams? The Talk Show Host’s Hiatus Continues


    wendy williams hiatus

    Wendy Williams has been MIA from her talk show since it went on a holiday-season hiatus in December. And it looks like she won’t be returning anytime soon.

    Her Instagram account announced a bunch of new guest hosts will be filling in for her in the upcoming weeks.

    News of the talk show host’s extended hiatus comes after news outlets report Williams was hospitalized to treat symptoms of Graves’ disease, though she was also spotted at a CVS in Florida this week.

    A source told Us Weekly:

    “She’s fighting to get back to a clean bill of health […] The struggle of being the main centerpiece of the show, day in and out, while fighting Graves’ disease has been a real battle.”

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    “The Wendy Williams Show” has set additional guest hosts for the weeks of February 4th and February 11th. As previously announced, @NickCannon (host of Fox’s “The Masked Singer” & MTV’s “Wild n’ Out”) guest hosts on February 4th – 6th. On Thursday, February 7th, comedian Jason Biggs (@biggsjason) (Netflix's "Orange Is the New Black") will guest host the show and @keke Palmer ("PIMP") on Friday, February 8th. @sherrieshepherd (Netflix's "Mr. Iglesias" and former co-host of "The View") serves as guest host on Monday, February 11th, and on Tuesday, February 12th and Wednesday, February 13th, Michael Rapaport (Netflix’s "ATYPICAL") steps in to guest host. Jerry O’Connell (@mrjerryoc) (WGN's "Carter") returns to guest host the show on Thursday, February 14th and Friday, February 15th. Each new, hour-long episode will include Wendy’s staple “Hot Topics” with the juiciest headlines, “Ask Wendy,” celebrity interviews and more! Go to wendyshow.com to check your local listings.

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      • She is with her family in Florida right now… Prob trying to figure out what to do… They have a picture of her leaving a store, she looks waaayyy worse than usual.

        When she gets back she is supposed to be getting a place in NY “to be closer to work,” but we all know that is BS.

    3. Someone made a prediction that she might kill herself… not sure if that is legit or code… but I will say she looked completely fucked up/unstable in the picture I saw of her.

    4. When is she going to stop lying about ” graves disease”…just take your synthroids and you’re good!

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