Wendy Williams Was Bankrolling Kevin Hunter & His Mistress


    sharina hudson kevin hunter wendy williams

    Wendy Williams’ husband Kevin Hunter has been living it up with his mistress in a secret hideaway in New Jersey after she gave birth to their daughter, the Daily Mail reports.

    The website spotted Kevin driving a new maroon convertible Rolls-Royce on Saturday to pick up his alleged mistress Sharina Hudson and take her out to dinner. Sharina carried a $5,200 Chanel purse while wearing a chunky diamond chain necklace and diamond studs.

    Kevin reportedly gave Sharina a push present: a $215,000-plus gold Ferrari Portofino. She was seen driving her new sports car on Monday while wearing a $1,260 tracksuit.

    The couple has been hiding out in New Jersey since Sharina gave birth.

    Wendy served him with divorce papers on Thursday morning at the TV studio where her talk show is filmed.


    1. Are it could be his own money he is Wendy’s manger which was a bad mistake to make him that but I am so happy that she is divorcing him and I hope that she means it and hopefully he and his bitch don’t get shit.

    2. She should divorce him then retire.

      That young girl wouldn’t stay too long once the money dried up.

    3. Yeah she should do divorce him but now she can do a hot topic about her own life instead of gossiping about somebody else’s life. How how does that feel?

    4. She’s a journalist. That’s her job. Not to talk about herself. Yýyoyyyyy wish you had her money..I guarantee W.W. walks up in front of the bunch of yours and yall would shut the F up and bow down to the Queen.

      • Thank you! Why is it so hard for people to understand that it’s her job most people do it for free so stop it you would do it to its the most easiest job to do it may cause you friendship and relationship ships but it pays the bills

    5. She should leave his ass. Unfortunately in a divorce you split money and assets you gain while.married. Unfortunately she blew up and they were married so he will see a good chunk of money unless they can prove his adultery which having a child outside of your marriage is certainly proof. Get a good lawyer and you will be ok. Better to get out of the marriage and try to save yourself. F7ck Kevin and his side piece.


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