Wendy Williams Staff Demands She Be Replaced By Nick Cannon


    wendy williams replaced nick cannon

    After Nick Cannon’s successful run as guest host of the Wendy Williams show, staff members of the program have reportedly demanded that Nick replace Wendy Williams…FOREVER.

    One staff member reportedly told the Daily Mail:

    “I mean it’s probably time Wendy steps away from the show. She’s not authentic anymore. How can she discuss hot topics when the biggest topic involves her husband publicly cheating on her for years? It’s really sad as you’d think that Wendy would have more respect for herself and she would stand up, dump her cheating husband, take control of her business and empower women who are going through the same thing”

    Another staffer said:

    “With Wendy there is always drama, especially when Kevin is around. Now that they are away everyone feels they can breathe and do their best work. We all want Nick to replace Wendy. He has been an absolute dream. Everyone on the team adores him and he’s such a professional.”


    1. I actually like watching Nick. I haven’t seen the Wendy Williams show in about 2 years and don’t plan on watching if she comes back.

    2. If wendell loses that show, i don’t think she will make it…

      Her mental stability is already gone & that would be the final nail in her coffin… She will prob end it all.

      • One can only wish. I give her no love & compassion for all the hell she has caused. Reap watcha sow. Yo Crazychris, if you out here, what do you predict? You’ve already told us that Tina may be transitioning soon, what about Wendy?

    3. Her brand of entertainment doesn’t work on TV where you have to play politics. A lot of people won’t even come on her show. Radio people seem to all want to be on TV, but with new media, having a TV show doesn’t matter anymore. She should do radio again along with a podcast and web content. She’ll make even more money, and won’t have to show teeth or kiss white ass every five seconds, and she can take time off whenever to recover from the coke binges. She also won’t have to worry about backers having too much control.

    4. Man, no, I miss Wendy I was watching the other day and I was like man when is Wendy coming back. Nick can’t even do the How ya doin, correctly and he screams; like man we can hear you dog, relax. Man Wendy needs to get rid of her husband, F somebody else herself and the staff making calls, man that’s not cool. I need my Wendy fix soon, Wendy please come back.

        • Same here! Nick Cannon?????????? HELL TO THE NAW!!!!!!!!!!! He can’t do what Wendy does and I be dayum! He won’t be controversial enough and will do nothing but smile! HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! LET HIM STAY HIS GRINNING ASS ON WILD N OUT! NOOOOOOOOOOOO NOOOOOOOO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    5. Everyone has Drama!! even Wendy; however that doesn’t mean she should be replaced by Nick Cannon. We all know that Wendy’s husband is an imbecile and his side chick is a mess, but that is Wendy’s husband and he just hasn’t arrived yet and he may never arrive, if you get what I’m saying, he’s actually still young, what Wendy has him by what about ten years, it does actually make a difference. Wendy will know when she’s tired of being sick and tired. Wendy grew up with a real mommy and daddy and is not use to societal norms. Society unfortunately makes it very easy to just uproot everything an separate and Divorce. Remember Wendy worked her ?off to get where she is and it takes a lot of strategic planning in order to leave without someone getting Half of your ? why should her husband get paid for all of her hard work he used her for years and unfortunately she trusted him.In conclusion Wendy was woman enough to admit she had a problem weather it was publicly or to herself and once she did admit it she blew up. No!!!! Nick Cannon should not replace Wendy and Wendy staff shame on you. God Bless You Wendy.

    6. NICK CANNON EPIC FAIL TO REPLACE WENDY!!!!!!!!!! WHAT??? MAY AS well go get ARSENIO HALL THEN O WAIT Naw Byron ALLEN SELL OUT ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t even think about it… Everyone has struggles! They hate Wendy because she has an opinion that may not always ring favorably among most people(celebs)! They really piss me off! If you don’t want to be the topic of hot topic then leave the industry! You choose to sign up for that career path not the general public. Wendy is definitely reporting to those who would like to be in the know!!


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