Wendy Williams & Blac Chyna Are Now BFFs


    wendy williams blac chyna friends

    After Blac Chyna appeared on Wendy Williams’ talk show, the two struck up a friendship when Wendy invited her out to dinner that same night.

    Wendy also told TMZ that she’s looking forward to dating now that she’s a “young and pretty New York City girl.”

    Which bum will Chyna hook her up with first?


      • Prob Not, especially if she has to pay him spousal support…

        Her Dumb Ass said you don’t just throw however many years she’s been married away…so I am guessing she is having cold feet and may fold at some point.

    1. Oy vey…please stop this phuckery. The time is 2 minutes to midnight (per the Doomsday Clock), the devil’s in the WH, and Amerikka has AA credit slowing falling to hell. Plus the MK Ultra ‘blonde hair’ bit ain’t helping. It’s bigger fish to fry—all black women aren’t bitter, messy and mad at the world instead of themselves. Turn off the radio, and the TV, its all BS anyway. It’s time to put big girl panties on and wake TF up. Invest in yourself, go buy some gold/silver from the govt–they have a black woman on the face of the $100 gold coin BTW.

    2. I will register just to say ThankYou for that Wakeup!Call
      For those that have eyes to see, look and check what this Sistar said! Fam that’s here; stop wearing other peoples shit on your head! You’re literally wearing someone else’s negative vibes! It’s a curse!: hate for your own image. Woman is the ultimate creator and the black wombman is Creator of all. They have to admit that in this time and energy hence the Oro halo crown of the coin/cohen/king. Black woman?: you better wake up to your divinity in spirit and beauty.

    3. I think Wendy is crushin on Van Jones, only because she’s mentioned him several times since he’s been on her show. If he would give her the time of day, she would love to be linked to him.


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