Wendy Williams Allegedly Rushed to the Hospital After Drunken Binge


    wendy williams drunk hospital

    Wendy Williams has reportedly relapsed after she checked herself out of her sober living facility and got drunk on Monday afternoon, according to DailyMail.com.

    The talk show host was taken to the hospital, where she was allegedly given “a bag of IV fluids – which helps clear a person’s system and sober them up.”

    She was able to host her show on Tuesday morning as planned, but she’s “still torn up over her husband Kevin Hunter having a baby girl” with his alleged mistress, Sharina Hudson.

    A source said:

    “Wendy is considering divorcing Kevin. She’s distraught over the situation, she knew about Sharina but didn’t think a baby would arrive, she didn’t think Kevin would go this far.”


      • She’s not influencing black girls. NOW, the Cardi B’s and Kylie Jenner’s of the world maybe influencing them, but not Wendy. If anything Wendy is a cautionary tale.

        • She’s not even that, any Dumb Bitch who puts a man above everyone else in their lives deserves exactly what they get.

          This is usually a female ♋ cancer problem, as I have seen many act like they can’t breathe without a man in their lives… but looking at j-ho & a few others this is a sad testament to emotional/mental illness that needs real treatment.

    1. And this bitch has the nerve to talk shit about everybody else? Corey Holcomb called this bitch a crackhead, I agree with him. I believe Wendy is doing either crack or some type of hard drug.

      • You needed to find a flesh light to screw, Dick to Suck whatever you do…

        No real man goes on a gossip site all Damn Day Repeating the same Crusty Comments no one gives a shit about in general & especially ones about what women look like, do etc…Uggghhhh.

        Keep this in mind Punk Ass Bitches Never Prosper…👀👀👀👀 directly @ you…🙄ðŸĪŠðŸ˜‘😑

    2. Off Topic: Breaking news, Cardi B admits to drugging and robbing several black men. Black women I want to see all of you protest against Cardi B.

      • That Dumbinacan is a racist POS. A racist is stupid and psycho, of course they would drug and rob someone. Stop giving that reject attention.

        • The black media and black websites report everything Cardi b does. They’re not reporting her latest story/scandal. I wonder why? I wonder if all of black media got the memo from Len Blavatnik to censor the story/scandal.

          • It doesn’t matter. Don’t give the Dumbinacans attention. She shouldn’t even have a career. She’s just another nonblack racist exploiting black culture to get on.

      • These dudes came in to see Cardi B as Johns. They got no PHUCKIN rights. Half of them playing they wives out….bring mad dough to the strip clubs and hotels and don’t think women got the ruthlessness to take them for everything they got. So if you want to sit and fester in the criminal world, shit happens. Don’t put your hand in a bee hive and expect not to get stung.

    3. Why do C and D list celebrities continue to go on her tv show? Wendy Williams is a bigger coon than Steve Harvey. That’s why white people keep her employed and on tv. This bitch is an embarrassment to us and to melanin. If you want to protest against a black person, protest against this weave wearing stupid bitch!

      • Pot calling kettle black. As if, you a defender and supporter of a well known rapist who has been raping black children for ovee 30 years, is not an embrassment…smh. pointing a finger whikst three are pointing back at you NBA DA PEDO

    4. Since this crackhead wig wearing tranny wants to coon and speak on everyone else…spill your own tea bitch. Talk about your scraggle daggle low ass self esteem having self staying with a lying cheating abuse ass nigga….that had a baby with his mistress and see you as a meal ticket…you leave him he gets 65% – 50% earnings the rest of his life plus 15% as your manager.


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