Watch Kevin Durant Give His Sweaty Jersey to the Groupie Drake!


    kevin durant drake jersey

    After dropping 51 points during the game, Kevin Durant gifted his sweaty, nasty jersey to his biggest groupie….Drake!


    1. Ummm, drake/drain is rich, why couldn’t he give it to the kids and that was right in his face?
      Smh, for a minute there I thought they were about to kiss?

    2. Family help me understand something. Most black people were pissed off when the ugly white bitch Megyn Kelly said it was okay to wear blackface, but these same black people didn’t say shit when Drake wore blackface; why?

      • Um because drake is part black duh! No black person should do black face but when white ppl do it they are basically making of the way black people look.

        • Its weird that blackface is considered racist but white men paying blacks to coon and make a fool out of themselves on screen and music is okay.

          Tyler perry wears a skirt and wig and portrays a senseless mammy and negros are okay with it. While rappers are talking about killing black men and treating black women like crap

    3. This isn’t a good look. Maybe he will hang it up (wash it first?) at his new Toronto home – the one that sort of looks like a hospital.

    4. White men always degraded women

      White men wants everybody under them including white women why you think Hilary didn’t become president whites decided they’ll tolerate a idiot like trump before they let a woman rule them

      High Hefner degraded women all his life

    5. A large majority of black, American males are down low, butt pirates. These negroes love azz and balls, or anything that comes out the back end. ??

    6. Drake is so gay and he doesn’t even like boys. They even text each other gay sex messages, dick, volcano, dick. ??? = Gay sex.


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