Rich the Kid & Entourage Robbed & Pistol Whip, Usher Was There Too!


    usher rich the kid robbed

    Rich the Kid and his entourage were under attack on Tuesday at a West Hollywood studio where Usher was also recording.

    Sources say as many as 10 shots were fired. The man who opened fire was allegedly running away from the studio when he started shooting behind him.

    Rich, who was the alleged target, was outside when it all went down. Multiple members of his entourage were attacked, including a bodyguard who was pistol-whipped. Usher was not hurt during the incident.

    This is the second time Rich the Kid has been attacked in the past year.


    1. This is why resturants and hotels wont allow us into their buildings !!! (See: black on black violence)

    2. Reminds me of the cartoon The Boondocks. The episode where Gangstalicious and his crew shot at Eat Dirt and his crew. Rap beef, it’s really stupid.

      • There is no Fucking Beef You Idiot…Do You Not know how many people are getting robbed these days?

        LA is turning into the wild west out here…every man for themselves…this fool needs to stop flaunting his shit …it sounds like an inside job since he has been robbed for the same items before though.

        • I know right? He has no street smarts at all. I saw Ted Turner in person once at my mom’s old job. He had on dingy church provided clothes with a scratched up toyota hatchback.

    3. I wish these little niglets would sit down already!!!!!!!! Instead of packing guns pack and read some books………


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