Trump Kids Unfollow Kanye on Twitter


    ivanka eric don jr trump unfollow kanye

    After a disastrous meeting in the Oval House where Kanye West rambled on about bipolar disorder and how the MAGA hat made him feel like Superman, a Twitter account that follows the Trump family’s movements tweeted Ivanka, Eric, and Don Jr. had all unfollowed Kanye.

    Kanye is still active on the social media platform, and showing off his designs for a new Uganda-inspired fashion collection.

    Ivanka first followed Kanye back in April 2018 after he made some pro-Candace Owen tweets on the social media platform. The Trump kids’ unfollows came just one week after Kanye took the White House by storm.


    1. This Delusional Clown is so lost worrying about people in a country who sold us…while not helping his own… trying to find support & acceptance in all the Wrong places, looking like a damn Fool in the process…smdh.

    2. What do Kanye West and Kevin Hart have in common Both black men have performed minstrels shows for the entertainment of white people!

    3. Is that a Fucking Eye on that shirt?

      It is official this nig…is all the way lost. He can stay over there.

    4. That picture speax volumes. Trump is almost an octogenarian who doesn’t know better. Ivanka actually look Caucasian. *(how many white women have you seen in the last 12 months that look white?- I won’t wait.) … the “designs” represent a talented music producer who couldn’t accept he wasnt a talented fashion designer but thought he could steal the talented work of a talented designer until he wound up in Uganda with no stolen artwork/designs to present as his own. Don’t fukkk w/ a talented fashion designer nigga, they will communicate what a fukkkkup u r w/0 hesitation

    5. I’m surprised his daughter has time for social media in between nose jobs and sneaking around with women. She’s had more nose jobs than Mike.

    6. He’s gone cry or commit suicide in the mirror, Kim will be there in the mirror also wondering what else to inject herself with I bet when they Fuck that shit stank like a MTF

    7. Kim Kardashian fits the description of a modern day Jezebel. Beautiful, powerful and runing men. Everybody like to use the word Jezebel, like it just mean controlling. But it’s actually a woman of beauty tearing down men of power. I’m glad trump kick them to the curb before it was too late

        • Don’t try to be rational with a Dumb Ass…

          All she understands is Stupid…I mean HELLO she is a Dump Supporter for Christ sake.

          She doesn’t get what making sense means.


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