Trina and Her 27-Year-Old Boyfriend Still Going Strong


    trina boyfriend

    44-year-old Trina and her 27-year-old boyfriend, Raymond Taylor, are still going strong. He even has her quoting Jay-Z lyrics on her Instagram posts!

    Trina and Raymond have been dating since 2017 when they were hooked up by fellow Love & Hip Hop Miami cast member Joy Young. Raymond and Trina had been friends for years until Jay encouraged them to take things to the next level.

    The couple has been spotted all over Miami since going public.

    Do you think wedding bells will be ringing soon?


      • FORGET BISEXUAL…HOW ABOUT AIDS AND HIV…Heard she was hiv in the late 90s and that was consistent with leaked Aetna list last year.. people don’t care about aids anymore based on all the guys she messed with….so you know they have it also..lil Wayne, Kenyon Martin etc

        • I was wondering what Khia was referring to when she said Trina & Trick share the same diseases and are keeping one another’s secrets.

        • Wow someone said that years ago, that she messed with this dude in my hometown and he had it. Dang….I always that that part of the story was a rumor.

    1. I guess that’s the look of someone wrestling with the debil for their soul!!!!!!! I guess you get that weary long drawn out I’m too tired for this now look???????

    2. I never saw the hype over Trina. I mean there’s tons of her in every hood. And you can get her in non-ratchet.

    3. Trina’s boyfriend looks all the way gay. That has to be her best friend but boyfriend in the public.

    4. My favorite rapper🙌🏾 and she will always be The Baddest Bitch so haters like khia gonna hate reguardless..keep doing u Queen!!!💕💕


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