Travis Scott Caught Cheating on Kylie?!


    travis scott cheating

    Right after finding out he had the #1 album and the #1 single in the nation, Travis Scott got caught up in a cheating scandal!

    The picture shows a man who looks a lot like the “Sicko Mode” rapper getting up close and person with a brown-skinned woman wearing a thong bathing suit. The woman has since been identified as Ja`Lyn Me`shell, rapper Lil Tracy’s ex-girlfriend. Ja’Lyn has also posted the photo to her Instagram account along with the caption:

    “Nobody likes me but yo baby daddy keeps me icy”

    The picture also has a TMZ watermark, but so far, it doesn’t look like the website has reported the story.

    Travis has since responded to the scandal:

    travis scott cheating kylie

    He’s currently on tour, and he brought Kylie and Stormi along with him. Do you think he had some time to get some lovin’ in on the side?

    UPDATE: The woman’s Instagram account has mysteriously disappeared.


    1. Men & Women can always find time to cheat if they want to. No such thing as, ‘he doesn’t have time to cheat’, ‘she doesn’t have time to cheat’. You wanna cheat, you’ll make the time.

    2. I read that he had multiple women and possibly another baby on the way. I guess things are coming to light.

    3. What happen to the institution of marriage shouldnt kids have the right to a stable home. Feel sorry for travis kid or any kids born out of wedlock

      • You should only feel sorry for those kids, if their parents live a damn lie… If your not compatible don’t be together… Kylie is just a kid herself??‼️‼️

    4. So many insignificant rappers so little time…..

      Are ppl over the age of 30 supposed to know who “lil tracy” is? Gimme a break.

    5. Typical f boy Travis Scott. The Kardashians are just using him for their agenda. Look at Kanye, Tristan, and Scott.

      • When does he actually talk? What do they talk about? They seem like day and night. They knew each other, what, 11 months now?

    6. he never seems into Kylie even in pictures you can tell she’s into him More than he is her. Karma is a bitch While I don’t like black Chyna Ppl forgetting she messed around with tyga with her sister’s ex best friend. I have 0% sympathy for kardtrashians and Jenner ??‍♀️

      • He probably already knows its not his. To save face Kris Jenner probably paid him and Tyga hush money. Her daughter is pretty but looks like Tyga or Kylie’s Asian body gaurd.


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