HSK Exclusive – January 17th 2014 was the day it all came crashing down for Tosh Berman and Jayde Nicole’s Hollywood dreams… This after a lawsuit against the pair was filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court and accuses them and other co-defendants of a massive fraud and the embezzlement of millions of dollars from their Hollywood AV Nightclub business venture.

Remember, HSK was the first to expose these fraudsters back in 2012 (here: AV Nightclub Owner/Hollywood Heist Suspect Tosh Berman’s Denver Doings and here: Jayde Nicole & Tosh Berman’s Hollywood Nightclub Scam Uncovered!)

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  1. WOW!! Read the 2nd link and ROFL’d!! A $850 BOTTLE OF WATER PLUS a $572 TIP!! Are people that damn drunk that they dont know they’re drinking WATER!! This is so f*ckin sad since you know they’re already making a killing off $750 DP. Why Steal? I could even understand them trying to justify a 10% to 15% mandatory tip and just scratch it if anyone complained but $850 Water!! Lock Them Up – NOW!!

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