Tokyo Toni Threatens to Rip Out Chyna’s Weave


    blac chyna tokyo toni rant

    Tokyo Toni went on yet another rant while frying up some chicken. This time, Tokyo threatened to “slap the holy taste” out of Blac Chyna and rip out her tracks!

    Does Chyna need a restraining order?


    1. Has she found a place to stay yet? She needs to use that energy for pulling out weaves to finding her a place to stay……ijs.

      • Reformed you need to refocus your energy……how is the comment I made insensitive? She is threatening to pull somebody’s hair out!!!!!! And she’s homeless!!!!!!!! You and her need to focus……..

          • Your Mom isn’t on this thread Fag…so you can take your comments and shove them up Your Ass. like the Dick you take.

            • What kind of douche gets mad over someone who wouldn’t even Piss on them if they were on fire! LOL!!!

    2. Lordt have mercy! Her antics are unbelievable at times! Does she know some things that the rest of us don’t but plays crazy to cover up the truth?

    3. Reformed so you’re mad about the comment I made about her being homeless but don’t have a problem with her snatching somebody BALD!!!!!!! Must have hit a sore spot!!!!!!!!!

    4. I’m lost. Why is her mama acting like this?? Clearly she has a mental disability something ain’t right and this ain’t even funny. She worst than the mama on precious.

    5. SHe can’t rip out a weave when she can’t even afford housing. She needs to worry about not being homeless and crack-headish.

    6. So Chyna was giving her money and she can fry chicken…why didn’t she just open a chicken spot? On second thought, nahh, she would have drove them crazy and lost the business.


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