Tokyo Toni Thinks Blac Chyna Should Lose Custody of Dream


    tokyo toni blac chyna rob kardashian custody

    After Blac Chyna was in a violent altercation with her ex Kid Buu in Hawaii, her mom, Tokyo Toni, thinks Chyna needs to lose custody of her kids for awhile.

    Tokyo also brought up Ki Buu previously being convicted of child abuse and says her grandchildren don’t need to be around someone like him.


    1. If she really does feel like that go to court not the ####### media why do they have to let the world know everything.

    2. Chyna’s mom makes me feel bad for Chyna and have an understanding as to why she’s so messed up. can you imagine having a mother that ghetto… omg..

        • She should be…

          If this were a child talking about their parent people would be up in arms.

          No one owes her Shit, she needs to get off her ass and take care of herself and stop talking shit about what her child does, then maybe her life would improve.

    3. Yeah. Her mother might not fit the image of the mom you imagine or that you want as a mom, but the fact is she did teach herchowxtocsurvivexabd hustle and now Back China has more money than most black women and even white will see in a life time after getting a degree. So who winning…. Don’t be do judgemental. ….just saying….. Street knowledge if used correctly can go a long way..

    4. She taught her child in one way or another how to survive and hustle in a big way. Just saying….. How many professional women wished they could have street knowledge to get ahead…. Will, fast and in a hurry… Instead busting their ads and ending up bring downsized, fired or worked to death…..just saying.


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