Tokyo Toni Is Homeless


    tokyo toni homeless

    Blac Chyna’s mom, Tokyo Toni, has been going through it all year long. After begging Chyna for money and coming up empty, she filmed herself wandering down the street late at night, and revealed to her followers that she’s now homeless.

    Who’s gonna give mama some spare change?


    1. Looks like the Kardashians want her out the way

      She said she was gonna expose them then she get hit by a car

      Then Chyna don’t want nothing to do.her mom odd guess the Kardashians think Toni too ghetto don’t want dream.around poor black.people

      Daz dissed the whole family then he get arrested the next day hmmm

    2. Speaking of Tokyo, I encourage all black men to travel to Tokyo. There are lots of gorgeous black, Japanese women in Japan. If you don’t believe me, look up pictures of the drop dead gorgeous girl name Ariana Miyamoto.

    3. Why can’t black man go to Africa and get them a 100% Black Woman?……Why should you men settle for half breeds?

      • We don’t want your rejects. Let them stay with you right over there!!!! We got our own strong black men.

        • We don’t want you hamites who thought you were slick by selling us, so make sure you keep your Ass where you are too and stop fleeing your own homeland!!!!

          If it or you were soooo great you wouldn’t be trying to come here.


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