Tiny Is Tired of Y’all Playing the ‘Race Card’


    tiny harris race card

    When asked why she didn’t have any black women in her Pretty Hustle Productions promo photo, Tiny said y’all need to stop playing the “race card.”

    Click through the photos:

    Is she right?


    1. Really but y’all want black ppl to buy your shit.. I don’t buy none of y’all shit
      don’t need or want it.. That’s what’s wrong with our race now, we are not solid
      in what we do.. Fuck all of them, I’m not putting a penny in their pockets.
      Make sure those bitches buy your shit Ms. Dumb ass Muppet

    2. How about you stop playing the race card and maybe all of this wouldn’t even be a topic you know exactly what you are doing to get people to talk and want to go a buy your products it starts with you first.

    3. She was taught well by her white mother….yet niggas say she is black. Then wonder why multi racials like Bruno Mars, Beyonce, Drake, riahhna, etc are the new black….

        • So is Bruno Hawaii 50 ass still think he gap band or zapp or camro.or is he rick James or Morris day now

          • His bitch ass isn’t Hawaiian either. Moving to Hawaii and faking an accent doesn’t make you Hawaiian. He’s just a lame ass flip culture vulture.

      • Yet, all the black people from 0-100 years old put biracial people on a pedestal. It seems like even black people don’t want to be black! Stop buying into their propaganda machine because they really don’t like you!

    4. And TI thinks Gucci is the problem….like most black men You love the white woman’s daughters and have placed them as more valuable than.the image of your own mothers….. Colorism is one helluva drug.

          • Any loser can pull white women. White women will f*** anyone. They have no standards.

            Again, most black men are with black women. Why drive a Hyundai when you can have a Porsche?

    5. The white woman breed their mixed race children to rule over authentic blacks. As Tiny stated stop playing the race card. She’s only giving the niggas what they want with their anti black selves.

      • Please dont speak for all black men…most black men love black women…..maybe whose ever sponsering her bullshit wanted to promote white is better looking or what ever agender ther got going…we all know there are many black women that are bad bitches

      • Fuck them Bitches too…not everyone cuts for these BS shenanigans.

        Any so-called Black woman or man who is down for BS needs to be wiped out with the rest, when the time comes and koons like lovelylad above will def be on that Chopping Block!

        • So does that go for 100% of rappers, with their colorist self, who do/did the same thing. Including your savior Nipsy?

          • Can you NOT read I said Fuck them Bitches too…

            I Don’t Care what nip did/didn’t do, because NO MAN is Perfect…from what I heard he apologized for any negative shit he said about BW…if he didn’t I still don’t care because what he was trying to do as a whole for the community outweighs one negative moment he may have had.

            He isn’t like these Assholes who come on here everyday tearing down their own women, because they are weak insecure little boys who have mommy issues…who Don’t do shit for anyone and are more Bitch than any woman could ever be.

          • FYI YOU need to learn how to Stop being so Fucking Spiteful against EVERY Man, because while many do beyond Fucked Up Shit, YOU are no angel either and need to worry about your own shitty backyard too.

            When you grow up you may learn what discernment is all about.

    6. You heard it from the horses mouth. She is part white so why would she hate white people… yet black men think it’s a revolutionary act to mate with white women… And if the father is black that makes the child black…..Lol.

        • Right… building pyramids, educating rough asiatics and refining cave dwelling white people wasn’t very sound AT ALL… should have left them Albino monkies suffering on their own….

          FOH. lol

          You can always tell the status of a non-black person by their opinion of black people.


    7. She’s biracial so why not add black women as well. I doubt this dumb bitch even considers herself part black at but will use being black as clout. T.I is such a black activist right? Yet he didn’t say shit about it. Fuck both of them

    8. Brothers there are five types of black women you need to avoid:

      1. Tiny, fucked Mayweather
      2. Maia Campbell, crackhead
      3. Ayesha Curry, wannabe superstar
      4. Halle Berry, foul mouthed drama queen
      5. Robin Givens, humiliated her husband Mike Tyson on live television

      A black woman who is wife material is rarely seen and never heard. Three examples of good black women are Lebron’s wife, Grant Hill’s wife and Camille Cosby. #StandByYourMan

      • You’re on some bs right now, and there’s only like 2 black women on your little list.

        You sound misogynist. You know what they say about men that hate women… y’all must like men

        • Black men, with the exception of Maia Campbell, the black women I named are immature and jealous of their husbands. Most black women claim to want a man who is strong, rich and powerful. This is a lie. The few black women, especially those in their twenties and thirties who were married to rich, strong black men couldn’t handle being a wife due to their immaturity and jealousy. In other words, sistas like Tiny, Ayesha Curry and Halle Berry really didn’t want to be married to the superstar, they wanted to be the superstar. In conclusion, all brothers need to ignore and shun black women who are narcissist.

      • Camille Cosby won’t even visit bill.in jail lol

        Only reason she stuck with bill.was for benefits

        • How do you know he didn’t tell her Not to come, Dumb Ass…

          I’m sure he has plenty of $$ on his books, so he’s fine.

    9. ^^^^lol….niggas…..The laughing stock of the world, love to point a finger at black women in their FAILED PATRIARCHY. THEY CREATED THIS SYSTEM AND THEY ARE THE WORSE AT…SMH.


        White men are the ORIGINAL dead beat daddy and you sitting there, like a hot ass mess, presuming to tell the rest of us that the way a lot of black men behave is behavior that is NATIVE to our HOMELAND.

        BULLSHIT. Sit yo little narrow ass down and pick up a book.

    10. I don’t mean any harm or disrespect but when interracial relationships come into play……the DARK hue people always get the short end of the stick…….these lighter hue people want to claim BLACK until the lighter relations come into play……but lest us not forget…….the WHITE folks didn’t WANT the lighter hue people EITHER…….hence 1 drop BLACK rule…….So YOU may WANT to pick a side because YOU can’t serve both masters!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • One drop of chocolate syrup in milk is not called bi-racial milk, it’s called chocolate milk. In other words, Halle Berry, Kamala Harris, Soledad O’Brien, Tiny and the other tragic mulattoes are black; a bastard form of black.

        • One drop of chocolate in milk doesn’t make it chocolate milk Asshole…

          How a Dumb Ngga is trying to equate milk to human beings is the Stupidest Shit I have ever seen…smfh.

    11. Tiny and other black people need to know that white people play the race card against us every day. Example, in 2003, Kobe Bryant was arrested and charged with raping a white bitch. It was the biggest story of the year. In 2019, basketball player Kristap Porzingis was accused of raping a black woman. There was no media coverage, making it easier for the NBA to protect Porzingis. #Racism

      • As Haile explained it was her white mother who told her she was black…SMH. Only an idiot would expect mixed race people to hate their primary care givers, white women, who train their children to rule over blacks. Didn’t Haile’s mum do well.

    12. And if NBA da PEDO or any other black man was running the country, R.Kelly would be free, oops he is, and you would be just like the white man. Going hard on other races and awarding your own race PRIVILEGES. You’re just mad that you can’t get away with crimes…tell the truth….big mad. You want to be like just like your white daddy,

      • You sound like a goddamned fool.

        So all black men equal this one fuckboy you have an issue with?

        You, my friend, sound like a ratchet bitch.


        Dumb ass heffa…

    13. And mixed race can never be black because anwhitr woman can never produce a black child, just like a black woman cannot produce a white, or Chinese, or japanse child. Then black men wonder why the white woman’s children RULE over them…. Niggas and flies…

      • A BLACK WOMAN can produce any child……..its the other women who produce their own kind. The BLACK RACE has produced the other races!!!!!!!!!!

    14. Maywether a self confessed women beaters. Mike Tyson a convicted rapist who also sexually assaulted Pill Crosbys daughter, who told his daughter not to press charges but instead ordered Tyson to undergo therapy….SOUNDS like a rapist supporting another rapist. And you have the audacity to claim black women are problematic…..SMH….Niggas and flies.

    15. Only in America does white and black equals black……lol. DELUSION MUCH, if you follow the rules of white people, who want to protect their whiteness and pollute blackness. Yet NBA da PEDO will swear up and down that he hates white people….what an idiot.

    16. Mixed raced Tiny is telling him she isn’t blaxk, but this idiot is quoting a formula he learnt from his racist white daddy…SMH

      • affirmative—go wayyyy back and find a Coca Cola shirt w the collar flipped and top it with a members’ only jacket—and get laughed out of the mall. guh

    17. I pretty much agree with yall but beyonce is not biracial she lied she is just a light skinned black woman both of her parents are black

      • She has one black parent (who might be a little mixed), and one parent that’s a multigenerational mix of mulattos. Beyonce’s racist mother doesn’t even refer to herself as black. She said something in an interview to the effect of “those blacks” and basically “othered” black people.

        Beyonce is basically mixed. Tyra Banks is “just light.”

    18. You fuckin nigga’s are fucking stupid!! No wonder white’s, Hispanics, Asians, Somalians, and other blacks hate your stupid fucking asses! Black this, black that, white privilege, white devil’s, etc. You do realize Obama was mixed breed right??? Oh, but right, he married a black woman!!! Why aren’t your bitch asses talking shit about him?? Fuck all you nigs, fuck Obama, fuck black people period!!!

      • LMAO…Sit Your No Dick Having No pussy getting Ass in a korner you korny Fucked Up in the head kakkra.


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