Tiger Woods Awarded the Medal of Freedom, Michael Rapaport Claps Back


    tiger woods medal of freedom

    Donald Trump presented Tiger Woods with the Presidental Medal of Freedom. Actor and comedian Michael Rapaport wasn’t pleased!

    Here’s what he had to say:


    1. This is what happens when white folks hang around enough of us that they think they have a black pass.

      Michael Rapaport needs to go back to whatever he’s smokin today.

    2. Right. I never liked his wannabe ass anyways. You know he probably gets off on saying the N word.

    3. I don’t like Any of the men mentioned in this story but Michael needs to mind his own white ass business

    4. There in lies the rub…WE Feel we can talk Shit About Our own, but No one else can?

      Yeah I agree this kakkra needs to have several seats, but all you MFs who talk Shit about people who haven’t actually done anything i.e the hate spewed on Black Women for no Good Got Damn Reason on here particularly, Need to Check Yourselves and Why You Feel the Need to tear Someone Else Down…Because when these Fools See US Do it Among Ourselves they Feel they can Waddle their Fake, Wanna-Be Ass In on the Discussion Too.

      • Yes, he looks horrible. Its stressful trying to live in the white man’s world a lay with his women. When the caucasians turned on him after the cheating scandal it really took a toll him losing his white privilege card. But massa let him back on the plantation and you can’t see nothing but his big ass Asian teeth.

    5. Blah blah

      Tiger is goofy and still embarrassing all these YTs when he’s not even in his prime.

      If he got a decent haircut or got with Tyga’s hair club, and got back in the gym, he could easily get more women than most dudes dream about.

      Black people should start dominating every sport just to clown YTs. And whenever they make a new sport, dominate that.

    6. Tiger Woods is the ultimate “Captain Save A Hoe.” That black man is a billionaire and he chose to marry a white bitch who worked as a maid. Fifteen years later, she is a multi millionaire and continues to collect millions of dollars off of child support and alimony. As for Eldrick, he lost over a quarter of a billion dollars. See what happens when black men fuck around with broke ass beckys!

      PS: What sane black man cheats on their wife with a porn star with missing teeth?

    7. Love Me Some Tiger He Proved All You Bishhes He can Come Back From No Wha. I Bet He Cross Your Path All Yall Bow Down…

      • Uh No…and it took his sorry ass long enough.

        He got what he deserved fucking with them kakkras and damn sure didn’t deserve this medal for fucking up his own life and winning a tournament.


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