T.I. Releases Floyd Mayweather Diss Track


    ti floyd mayweather diss track

    T.I. went OFF on Floyd Mayweather for continuing to drop stacks on Gucci. Here’s his diss track:

    This is what sparked the track:


    1. ctfu Wow. Funny, but even though I cosign the spirit of the record, TI is phony and a snitch.

      There’s a bunch of NBA players that built good schools in bad areas. TI has done a bunch of tax write-off nonsense like passing out food once a year.

      And why would you make a song condemning a black man for going against us while calling him the n-word… during black history month

    2. why are celebrities the black leaders. Like your ass is being passed around music and industry execs and you want to lead pro blackness smdh

      • Fact: Mayweather is still that nigga over Ti and 50..

        and I bet all of they bytches would leave 50 and TI for just one night with Mayweather..

        Tiny messed up her whooe marriage over a dance with Mayweather and 50cent girl was only dating 50 cent to go to the boxing matches for free.. ??????‍♀️I’m just saying.. lol

      • Maybe but he makes Tyson look like a coupon shopper when it comes to spending. Plus, none of us know how much his management is really taking. Those stacks he likes to flash on social media might be props. Finally, fitty may not have formal education but he knows where the money is in entertainment game.

    3. T.I walking around acting like he’s a damn civil rights leader but was the one promoting that milk of Magnesia deformed looking kangaroo bitch Iggy Azalea. She went around calling herself a runaway slave master but his coon ass still messed around with her. Fuck T.I too!

    4. TI needs to knock it off with all the politics.. I used to like him, but he’s lost.. you can’t treat ppl the way you do and then want ppl to take you serious when you talk about politics..

    5. Floyd phukked tiny and ti still eating her pussy lol

      If ti quit going to jail he woyldnt havevto worry about who trying to phukk tiny

    6. Next time you see any black man or woman wearing Gucci or Prada, make fun of them; talk shit to their faces. Any black man or woman who pays $500 to $5,000 dollars for that over rated bullshit is a stupid motherfucker! That goes double for illiterate Floyd Mayweather

      • They’re gonna buy what they want and you’re still gonna be in a racist country ??‍♀️

        Worry about where you spend YOUR money.

        • White people are truly disgusting in every way a human can possibly be disgusting.

          There’s absolutely nothing attractive about you people.

          But getting back to the topic.

          Buy black.

    7. Today I recycled black dollars. I brought several double cheeseburgers at Hawkins House Of Burgers in Los Angeles. Fuck SickDonalds and fuck Burger Crap. From now on I will only eat cheeseburgers from black owned businesses.

    8. Nexs Update: T.I. Sister Was Critically Injured In A Car Accident Today !!! (People Are Saying Floyd Mayweather Is Behind the Accident) Illumin@ti Discipline ?!! ~ P.s. T.I. song “Fuk N!@@a” Is Getting Regular Radio Rotation Nationallly !!! (His 1st Hit Song In Years)

    9. TMT all the way baby! Most you will never know how it truly feels to be a free thinking man/woman…..He’s right, no drugs, no alcohol, runs his own business, promotes his own fights..hires black folk…who needs school….Making boat loads of money, that is the goal right?

      • Fuck that woman beating illiterate POS… I’ll be glad when he wastes that change and has to Sick Dick for scraps.

        Then they’ll call him Jaw Bone…


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