The Culture Cancels Kodak Black After Lauren London Comments


    kodak black lauren london

    After trying to shoot his shot at Lauren London just days after Nipsey Hussle was murdered, Kodak Black is getting canceled all over the industry.

    Not only has Power 106 radio station in Los Angeles pulled his music from the air, but T.I. removed all of Kodak’s artwork from his Atlanta-based Trap Museum.


    1. The man is accused of rape and you “cancel” him over this?

      This is getting out of hand.

      • Can someone please tell me what the hell is going on. So he made a comment. Rappers been calling us b**ches & hoes 4ever. Nothing was ever done about that.

        Now u all mad because this non-talent alleged rapist made an insensitive comment. GTFOH

      • to Me and partly anonymous… so I see your efforts to get this guy canceled before this failed.
        Or are you just on the sidelines complaining?

    2. This dingy ape should have been canceled like all of you said at the top when he spoke ill of black women. The same women that raised this animal. The rape charges alone should have been enough for the radio stations to pull back. I couldn’t tell you not one of his songs! His black ass been canceled before he even got started.

    3. crzy cris there is a time and place for everything. I guess you don’t realize that.

      And for all the people mad because this asshole wasnt cancelled before,some of y’all are never happy. Someone finally spoke up because y’all sure didnt. Did you confront the media and stations to vent your anger? If you didn’t, you shouldn’t complain. Stop looking for others to do it,do it yourself. Organize!!!!

    4. What’s the big deal the lame nigga was placing a bid on sum pussy her dude gone to a better place besides she Wayne ugly ass baby mother she probably fucking/sucking right now or eventually so whateva lame paper right her legs be open like 7 eleven. Fuck TI an that wack ass museum .

    5. Whata up with ti son king wearing makeup looking like gina on martin dude wearing a blonde wig

      I wanna hear ti explain this

    6. So they r reporting that Kodak was beaten up last night at his concert; by a few of Nipsey Hussle fans. Who were angry at the rapper for the comments he made. Don’t think Nipsey would have approved of the violence.

      By the way, Kodak went back on Instagram and said TI just made because he(TI) wants LL.

    7. So basically you are canceeling him for verbal comments while these wanna be thug rapppers encourage black men to kill each other and disrespect black women and they are not cancelled smdh

    8. SO rapists and pedophiles should be defended and supported but if you disrespect Nipseys baby mama then you are gonna be cancelled…SMH. The black male leadership are TRASH.

    9. why all the hopla about this plan looking bitch….she’s as average as any other girl except for being light skin..i cant even stan kim k but at least shes way preetier and maybe something for a lack man to brag about…im confuse

      • It’s the hype cuz people now a days follow whatever hype via programming that’s why she over rated. She pretty but it is normal pretty. That only my opinion tho so please dont attack me. Rest in heaven nip!


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