Teyana Taylor’s Nail Shop Gets Vandalized, She Rants About Being a Black Business Owner


    teyana taylor business vandialized

    Teyana Taylor’s nail shop, as well as neighboring businesses in Harlem, were vandalized by a group of kids. Teyana took to Instagram to discuss how difficulties of being a black female business owner.

    Click through the pictures and videos to see her rant.

    Does her store getting vandalized have anything with Teyana being black?


    1. Someone needs to control their little niglets!…..Trying to save the hood is a waste of time, these same kids will be complaining about the police and no jobs…..Harlem is under attack from Gentrification and they do this…..Don’t complain when she closes up shop and Kim’s Nails opens up!

    2. I understand her frustration, but these were just bad ass kids acting out and trying to get attention.

      How about this:
      Use this as inspiration to reach Harlem youth. Give kids in the neighborhood little jobs and let them intern. Offer some scholarships. Make the shop a bigger part of the community. Sponsor local events, not just concerts, but like career events and talent shows.

      She also has to realize how things are because of social media and how money is flowing. There are crack**s that will pay people (and some people will do anything for a dollar and some attention) to do ignorant sh**. I wouldn’t be shocked if a bunch of reddit cacs on fiver financed this stunt.

    3. Sad when you work hard to open a business, contributing to the city with your tax dollars and some ungrateful brats with no home training try and take from you
      Someone broke into my neighbor’s work truck, stole $300 worth of tools. So rather report it to his insurance company and have his premiums go up, he’s replacing the tools and the window the bum broke out of his own pocket. There’s been a rash of car break-ins around here. Swear, if I wasn’t so afraid of snakes, I would put one in my car and intentionally leave my door unlocked so when a motha focka attempts to steal, SSSSsssssss

    4. Let me tell you something….I never thought about republican till I got my own business…seems like the more you try and help us the more we act up…you will go broke trying to keep giving folks chances….you watch and see! Got my own building and had to kick out my first 4 tenants straight!!!


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