Terry Crews Shares Adam Venit’s Apology Letter


    terry crews adam venit apology letter

    Terry Crews revealed that he received an apology letter from the man who allegedly assaulted him at an industry party, former WME talent agent, Adam Venit.

    In his caption, the actor states he received the letter months ago, but he only chose to accept the apology after Adam resigned from the agency on September 10, 2018

    “WILLIAM MORRIS ENDEAVOR AGENCY’S ADAM VENIT FULL APOLOGY LETTER:‬ ‪Received: March 22nd, 2018‬ ‪Accepted WITH HIS RESIGNATION: September 10th, 2018‬ ‪#Accountability” ‬


    1. I kinda feel the letter is sincere and Terry Crews should have accepted the apology and kept the letter to him self and in between his family. That has to be the only man that would put in writing his mistakes, that takes a sincere and brave person to do that, especially after the case was thrown out and he knew Terry Crews had no proof.

      Most believed Terry from day one, but he has to take responsibility for always pretending to be Gay in movies, maybe the man just thought he was Gay. I seen him in person at a club in super bowl in Arizona and he was with Kevin Hart and another football player. All 3 of them were doing very very gay things.

      • Has to take responsibility for pretending to be gay in movies??? What in the world. Even if he WAS gay that’s not an open invite for assault. That stance is insane to take when actors ACT in movies. It’s never, ever okay or justified to just grab someone like that no matter what they are wearing or what your impression is of them.

        • You don’t think it’s a strong coincidence that the main role this man plays, he’s invading someone sexually that is supposedly heterosexual and then it actually happen to him in real life? White Chicks, Friday…. do the math…

          He brought that negative energy on himself by doing the exact same thing in movies.

          Satan can get authority to take your non sense and tosses it back at you when you do stupid stuff like that.

          And I don’t support gays so I said what I meant and I meant what I said.

        • It’s okay to grab a man’s nutsack… Lots of men do it.. You probably do it yourself????‼️‼️

        • That’s true but I think Terry Cruz is Gay. Cause straight men don’t play gay roles, especially if it consist of pretending to rape another man.

      • Let’s just say a Dumb Bitch like you who let men practically rape her and never reported any of the incidents would think a letter is enough when it comes to sexual assault.

        Your opinion is worse than your stank asshole.

        • You have a very uneasy, unsettling, grieving personality. It seems as though you hate the world and everything in it. I hope God heals you… I had a friend like that, she was very draining.

          I can’t report rape when it did not happen. I said a guy I did not like was trying to put pressure on me to have sex with him after a date. That should be normal to any female that deals with any straight males. I simply warned him that I did not like him, don’t want to have sex with him and if he don’t stop trying to take off my clothes, it would be rape. He then stopped, cussed a bit and left, never to be seen again.

          All I was saying with that story is some females claim rape because a man they don’t like put pressure on them to have sex, then they gave in and when that man turns to an a-hole they claim it was rape. Such as Russell Simmons, if that girl would have been straight forward with him, like I don’t like you, get off me, this is rape. He probably would’ve tossed her out his penthouse… but instead she probably played that nooo noooo, I really don’t want to game but instead let him keep going instead of putting her foot down and afterwords she feels raped. That’s pressure and manipulation, not the same as aggregated rape….

          • Bitch no one is reading that shit…if you can’t make a point in 3 sentences or less then you have NO POINT…

            You are still Dumb as Fuck and Pure Trash for not reporting what happened.

          • And people in your home (Breaking and Entering with intent to Rape) or jumping on you (Sexual Assault) or propositioning & threatening a MINOR are ALL offenses which can be reported!

    2. They all have to do gay shit in hollyweird to make it to the top! He just did it to Terry on a bad day when he was around family. Notice he hasn’t gotten any roles since that incident ?

    3. Was this written after the public complaint? If so, it means nothing and showing it to the public means nothing too because talk can be cheap. They’ve apologized for slavery but things still remain the same.

    4. Take responsibility, admit, apologize, learn from your mistakes, & then try to move forward past that nightmare!!

    5. Here’s the things everybody that heard this case knew he wasn’t lying but he compromised his character by waiting a year to report it. I like Terry Cruise but how far are you willing to let people go for money? That man is a pervert and surrounded by other preverts in high places. He’s not missing any money, his apology was a a recommendation of his legal counsel. Now you must find a new position and platform, You are going to have to speak the truth for everyone who has been silence. Nothing will ever be done unless somebody stand up.

    6. Hollywood is riddled with HIV and the most popular stars are the ones suffering silently, because of the secret parties and the mingling of professional escorts among the elite. They shut that Charlie Sheen confession down as soon as people start connecting the dots of who he slept with and what other stars his partners were connected too. Nobody wants to be Angelina Jolie if they knew she was dying from AIDS, suddenly Johnny Dept looks like the Grimm reaper, Brad Pitts weight is questionable, a lot of these stars are suicidal and on drugs “Why”? They everything and nothing at the same time.


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