Terrence J Wants His Car Wreckage But Refuses to Talk to Police


    terrence j car accident police

    After his car accident that left his pricey McLaren in ruins, Terrence J is reportedly trying to get his wrecked vehicle back. But the cops are refusing to give up the goods until he starts talking!

    According to the YBF, Terrence isn’t cooperating with police who are still trying to figure out WTF happened when Terrence and the unidentified female driver wrecked the car and fled from the scene.

    Even though Terrence isn’t talking, his girlfriend, Jasmine Sanders, has released a statement saying she WASN’T the female who was driving the vehicle.


    1. Refused? How does he get away with this? His car was involved in an accident. It’s totaled! What’s he want it for? smh Something missing in this story. It amazes me how crafty attorneys get folks off charges with the right amount of money.

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