Terrence J Caught Cheating After Car Accident?


    terrence j car accident cheating

    On Tuesday around 12:30 AM, a black McLaren registered to former BET host, Terrence J, was totaled in a car accident in Studio City, CA. The car reportedly hit a parking meter after the driver — a woman presumed to be his girlfriend, Jasmine Sanders — lost control. Terrence and the woman fled on foot.

    And now, Jasmine’s rep has just released a statement:

    “On behalf of our client, Jasmine Sanders, we would like to clarify that Ms. Sanders was not in the vehicle at the time of this morning’s accident and was in no way involved.”

    Sooo…who’s the mystery woman that was driving the car? And did Terrence just get caught creepin?

    terrrence j jasmine sanders cheating car accident


    1. That car is probably totaled. Whomever escaped is lucky. Just own up to the shit and deal with it.
      All these hit and runs are unbelievable and most of these stars get away with this shit!
      The average person is jacked up because they do the legal responsible thing and report it.

    2. He looks faded in that pic and it’s no secret women can’t drive for shit. Would never let a chick drive my car…

      • Jay G, men can’t piss straight, even when sober…and with that stinkin’ thinkin’, you’ll always be beatin your Vienna sausage like it owes you money til the day you die. Take this L, a seat and this cup of STFU.

    3. That is a tree not a parking meter. Studio city is full of physics, witch craft stores and a bunch of ther wierd mess. And most of it is on that street they all keep having these strange, weird out of no where accidents.

      • I really wish you would STFU, it is hard to believe English is your only language… you can’t write it worth a damn.

        The point is when people are drunk they shouldn’t be driving period.

        Speed, alcohol and a curvy street = Stupid people crashing…it has nothing to do with what you mentioned.

    4. Sure he wasn’t getting alittle Teddy P, Eddie M or Mr. Cee action? Why leave the scene unless you trying to hide something or someone……..


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