Tamar Braxton: ‘I’m Attracted to Men Who Don’t Like Black Women’


    tamar braxton black men white women

    On an episode of Big Brother, Tamar Braxton was asked by a cast mate if she only dates black men. The singer talked about her ex, Vince Herbert, and her new boyfriend, who she calls T’Challa, and dropped a bomb:

    “I met T’Challa and now it’s a wrap again. But he didn’t date black women, which is crazy/ He did not date Black women. It’s like, I’m attracted to men who don’t like black women. Vince neither, remember that? Vince either. All white girls, or others.”


      • That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard!!!
        For someone who’s quoting the Bible, you should remember Romans 3:23

        “For all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God”… so Everyone disobeys the Bible.

        Then remember acts 17:26

        And He has made from one blood every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth, and has determined their preappointed times and the boundaries of their dwellings,

        • LOL your quoting a verse from a book thats full of contradictions and Greek Doctrine to supersede the word of TMH?!?
          That….is the stupidest thing i have ever heard!!!

          study up honey, your quoting from a book of LIES

        • I do believe the LORD also said don’t fool with those from the North……..North of Africa that is…………

      • Tamar believes she is not black or is above the average black woman. That she is so beautiful, that black guys reconsidered dating a “black woman”. That’s what she means.

    1. Sistas let me tell you something. If you are constantly having man problems, it’s your fault. Quote from Katt Williams, “Something is wrong with your pussy that keeps attracting ain’t shit n***as.”

    2. I’m attracted to not hearing about what she’s attracted to.

      Drop a record Toni.

      Give us that “YOU mean the world to me. You are my EEee-VE-RY-thang. I swear the only thing that mattuuhz! MATTERS TO ME. OOOOOH!”

    3. Can’t wait until she’s voted off the show. Of all the negative stereotypes out here about black women, she’s on there checkin each box off.

    4. Stupid bitch got some damn nerve. Her ghetto coonish ass really think she’s something. If I was a black man I wouldn’t have this idiot

    5. She’s attracted to men who treat her like isht. If she needs to be reminded of what a real black man does she can come see me, I’ll impregnate her and smack her around a few times if she’s homesick for how her daddy treated her moms.

      • Being Sexually Abused by a Family Member tends to mess people up …. Like how it has Fucked You Up… Asshole.

    6. Tamar should have kept that dumb ass comment to her self! So I would feel some kind of way juking a Uncle Tom Ass ninja! But it makes her feel special she so dumb!?

    7. This muppet allows her son to sleep in the bed with her and the boyfriend. She’s one triffiling bald head black bitch.

    8. Tamar Braxton Logic ….. wh!.te lady weave + Gold digger shovel = O.K. I’m Ready To Go Find Me A Real Man !!!! (Not)


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