Tamar Braxton Bashes ‘Most Ghetto, Racist’ Hotel in Bizarre Rant


    tamar braxton racist hotel

    Tamar Braxton went on a BIZARRE rant while recording an incident at a hotel. The singer claimed the hotel was the “most ghetto, racist” place ever, and she’s never felt “more black” in her life…before correcting herself and saying “I’m proud tho, I’m mixed. Get yo life”

    Tamar then walked up to the hotel staff and asked them if they wanted to fight. She called a black employee an “Uncle Tom,” and a white employee “Becky.”

    When the hotel staff said they were trying to fix her problem and she needed to calm down, she sat down and said she wasn’t doing anything wrong, and then told the man, “Don’t be a queen.”

    Tamar even appears to cry at one point as she reminisced about what her mom had to go through in the ’60s.


    1. The new generatuon of women are really ashamed of being black. Most black women I know wants to claim mixed, indian, french or alien smdh.

    2. I think she needs to grow her antennas (hair) back cause she is clearly not getting proper messages to her brain!

      • Being mentally off has more to do with trauma….she needs help to deal with her family member molesting her.

    3. So apparently the hotel system was down and they were not able to pull up her reservation. Therefore, she could not check into the room. Perhaps she’s upset because she is a celebrity and they did not make an exception for her by just giving her a room?

    4. Whether she is black or mixed, she is a lady first and should conduct herself as such. There are ways to deal with conflict other than to fly off the handle

    5. Many people claiming black are obviously mixed, biracial or multi racial. That means many of the “First Black” has never happened and has paved the way for anyone with 0.5% of black blood being seen as black. Great example is Meghan who clearly is multi racial, since her mother is mixed too.

    6. 95% of the “black” women featured on this site are not black but multi racials, mixed or bi racial. Great example are Cardi, Riri, blaxk China and Beyonce who told you time and time again that she is CREOLE = a person of mixed european and black descent.

      • isnt weird that massa blood has given certain black women lighter skin “better” facial features and which they look down at other black women who dont have such benefits


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