T-Pain Loses Modest FL Home to Foreclosure


    t-pain home foreclosure

    T-Pain can’t buy you a drank and he can’t pay the mortgage on his cheap Florida home either.

    According to The Blast, the artist lost his home to foreclosure after being sued by Deutsche Bank last year. The bank claimed T-Pain had defaulted on the Palm Beach County home’s mortgage to the tune of $83,061.86 plus interest.

    T-Pain originally but the home in 2007 and took out an $85K loan for the property. He reportedly hadn’t made payments on the home since July 2016.

    T-Pain never bothered to appear in court so he was ordered to pay a total of $117,158.22 — which includes the amount owed plus interest and legal fees.

    If he doesn’t pay the balance by October 29, the home will go up for auction.


    1. Sad. He fights depression. So many people copying the auto tune style he made really famous even though Roger might have been the first.

    2. How do you buy cars and chains for over 100k, but you didn’t pay off a handyman special? He probably has other places and doesn’t care about that one.

    3. @Sheila A Feliciano

      Shit come fuck with us. We got what cha need.
      We’ll take care of you down here with us ?


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