T.I. Has a Message for the ‘Loved-Deprived, Miserable B*****s’


    ti loved deprived miserable

    T.I. has a special message for the people who keep hating on his and Tiny’s marriage — in particular, the “loved-deprived, miserable b*****s” who can’t seem to mind their business!

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    To whom it may concern… I’ll just leave this here.

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    1. Didn’t watch…

      But why does thiz niglet think anyone wants a dude who will run up in anything moving?

      Being single sounds better than catching burning crotch syndrome or worse from a skeezeball like him.

    2. Some people just love DRAMA……..the only loved deprived miserable b***h I see is his wife. Chasing after his 4’11″ass with his inch eye privates all over ATL and beyond trying to stop him from being a H*E. Him right ……they were made for each other!!!!!!!!!

    3. If any man treated me the way he treated Tiny, I would consider that miserable and love deprived. I don’t think he understands, He has brought Tiny down to the lowest, most insecure, pathetic, desperate type of being there is. She’s not winning TIP, she’s losing and so are you for being a bulley to her. Your sons will grow to hate you. Watch!!!Boys love they mamas more than they love themselves, and they are delusional over they mamas.

      Men don’t even think straight when it comes to they mama…

      • Some black men has taken their ways on how to treat a BLACK WOMAN from their masters from the old timey days. They used to call it buck busting. They will tear the BLACK WOMAN down and put her in humiliating circumstances to build her up to who they believe she should be…..to prove her love for him. Meanwhile he out here living his life without consequences. Hey if she likes that…..I love it…….for her.

        • And when those consequences add up he gone need her to save his cuz new pussy wont be able to but old pussy will, smh, these fool think they will live forever…NOT!!!

          How do I know you ask??? Cuz I’ve watched this scenario play out all my life and the hoe ass men always die first. Ole faithful will put his ass away nice, watch and live good off his insurance ?

    4. She’s just another girl in love with the boy. They contribute nothing to their followers but gossip.

    5. Hey mr Arrogant Asshole,The Ones Who are interested in you bought your music,if you living the best life why are you so angry at what miserable bitches say about you,why did you lose your eatery,took money from it to finance your best life,Not so best is it,when you don’t have cash to have a best life,got tax problems do you sickly looking older every day,not fresh anymore almost broke fool,hope don’t lose all your money,those brothers you shitted On are still in Atlanta,Keep Enough To Pay Those Body guards you gonna need,you Arrogant Asshole,as some On here said no one is looking for you anymore! Shut up count your few blessings left to you,pay attention to your childcare payments,is Tiny keeping you afloat in money problems,you ignorant fool buying guns in Georgia,did you forget where you lived,White Folk Country,Not Smart Enough To Stay Out Of Jail With all your money,money can not buy brains! I’m

    6. @ Mattie Hardy……. Guuuuurrrrl you meant that!!!!!!! Were you through because it looked like they cut you off when you were starting the beginning of another sentence. LOLOL TELL IT GUUURRLLLLL……

    7. T. I is one of the dumbest MTFS ever, with his fucked up past and present he shouldn’t be doin commercials and bullshit etc….. This nigga was a drug dealer but gets portrayed as an outstanding citizen, hahahahaha funny shit

      • Right?

        I’ll why he thinks he’s MLK Jr all of the sudden preaching this and that like we gaf.

        Meanwhile his ENTIRE lifestyle is in tatters and publicly displayed for all of us to see.

        • Insulting black people won’t make your tiny ass shrimp d**k any bigger you f**king inbred piece of sh**.

    8. Tip, in all fairness, YOU & TINY are the one’s putting yourselves out there like that. You all put your business out there like that. Ppl are going to have an opinion. If you don’t want that, stop putting yourselves out there like that. You are not faithful so y’all might as well have an open relationship, meaning TINY can have her man or woman on the side too. You also stay in trouble w/the law. But I liked you all’s show & glad it may be coming back. 🙂



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