T.I. Compares Himself to Tupac


    ti tupac

    TI is still trying to convince us that he’s the second coming of Tupac. The rapper made the comparison in this recent Instagram post.

    The caption reads:

    “Any way you slice it… I’m the very best at what I do… impossible to duplicate… accept no substitution!!!
    When you get done buuuulshittin’… Riddle me this…. Who since 2Pac has maintained as much consistent diversity within music genres,businesses & other opportunities?
    I’ll wait…
    #KingsThoughts #FactsOverOpinion”



      • Rappers who transitioned frpm hip hop to movies and beyond
        Ll cool.j
        Ice cube
        Snoop dogg
        Dr dre
        Queen latifah
        Jay z

        Plenty more did acting started clotheslines other revenues and everything else way before ti hit the scene

    1. Oh Hush, Dr. Clifford Thesaurus

      #Just Do U……#Live Your Best Life…… #Leave 2Pac Out Of This……..#We See U Lil’ Man!!!

    2. THIS is the same man that supported a white, racist, imitator of the black woman. If this is the face of black leadership then the black man is in deep dodo.

    3. When a “artist” compares themselves to another artist it automatically makes that first artist lame as fuck. He’s nowhere near being anything like Tupac and I haven’t liked TI’s annoying ass since he signed that Albino racist ass Kangaroo Iggy.

    4. 2 Pac was not a bitch and it’s really a sad time in life when you have a gay man and a gossip girl thinking they are like 2 Pac oh and also jussie smallet .

    5. Man ti is an FBI informant I remember when was on the news he was talking about crime stoppers how to stop crime and call the police if you see anything but in his records he said he’s a gangsta he don’t deal with the police don’t know about it in Buckhead really know TI man I mean this n**** live in the million-dollar mansions and s*** somebody about the streets like no it’s not Young Jeezy the same way big meech called him out

    6. My list of top ten greatest rappers ever:
      1. Rakim
      2. Tupac
      3. KRS-One
      4. Notorious BIG
      5. Slick Rick
      6. Inspectah Deck
      7. Guru
      8. Big Daddy Kane
      9. Jay-Z
      10. Talib Kweli

    7. Off Topic: HSK can you please post the story of Felicty Huffman and Lori Loughlin getting arrested for the college admissions scandal. I love when rich white bitches break the law and get arrested.

    8. You don’t have the same skin tone, looks, different stank hoes, from compleltey different cities, 2pac was militant you aren’t, 2pac and his family were black panther revolutionaries you aren’t, and your a midget why the fuck are u comparing yourself to other men. I know for me being a alpha male I wants nothing to do with other men period

    9. Pac wasnt no revolutionary or nothing until he got a record deal
      1989 1990 pac was. Backup dancer for digital underground pac woyld wear thongs butt ass naked doing the humpty dance dancing with blow up dolls
      Pac had no tats wore no bandannas then du was a party group all about sex and drugs

      1991 pac goes solo records first album hes this so called revolutinary yeah pac was a good actor

      He acted like a killer in juice he took his bishop character and turned into thug life on his next few albums

      Pac starting trouble wirh the law getting into fights shootouts witj police made a few more films

      Set uo on a fake rape charge

      Did 9 months in jail then joined deathrow now he a fake mob piru gangbanger ass mf ans he died trying to live up to this fake image

      • @ Crazychris and your just a lonely bitter troll who has come to the realization that you will never reach your full potential so you rail on others who have or did “youstillhavetimebruh”

      • Um, no. Pac was political since 1988 when he cut his very first record as MC New York. He was always a revolutionary hater.

    10. This little Bitch is crazy.. No ONE CAN COMPARE THEMSELVES WITH PAC
      This man wrote exactly what was going on in the ghetto and his life..
      I don’t like rap but l love PAC I listen to him once and month I play dear Mamma and I ain’t scared of u.. None of y’all vulture can’t compare to Pac

      • No where near a fan of rap as well but mho pac was like his generations bob marley,marvin gaye,james brown. sam cooke Those aforementioned artist i do know studied and love

    11. I said pac and his family, and digital underground dancer or not T. i and his midget ass is no tupac nobody is but himself, with all the dickriding pac fans and haters none of you fucksticks have solved his case no where close

    12. Pac was a good actor and rapper

      But hey half these new age rappers aint real or do not become killers until they get a record deal ask tekashi 69


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