T.I. and Lil Duval Have a Message for Cardi B


    ti lil duval cardi b

    Lil Duval and T.I. just gave their two cents on Cardi B and Offset’s strained marriage.

    What do you think? Do you agree?

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    We know you agree #TIP ?

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    1. Nah mf life is too short to deal with shitty ass people fuck T.I . This generation is so fucked up especially for females. Sure have no morals, Risk your life getting surgeries just to get a nigga that will cheat on you, have a baby with a rich man because you don’t wont to work all your life, let your man cheat on you and accept him back, get with a married man because why not!? Dumb ass people

      • Some of the stuff this gen does make me wonder,but the media perpetuates alot of this negative energy and many of us go along with the program w/o questioning/pushing back, maybe soon we’ll change….. hopeful

    2. TI needs to stfu! Really dnt understand y Tiny took him bck. Oh well, he’ll b bck disrespecting her again , which she will allow, thn b on the sm telling ppl to stay out their business ??….Cardi needs to get out while she can. If she pulls a Tiny thn oh well……N***as get cheated on everyday b??

    3. Their messages needs to be directed to these nasty ass black men fucking everything that smiles at them. Where is the accountability for their behavior? Women are expected to forgive and be clean while men are with all type of women and bringing dirty dicks home! Nah, cut that nigga off! He’s an ugly motherfucker.

      • why do women allow dirty dick rodney to sleep with them. My jailberg friends get more play from women then these scholar cats. My friends cousin just came back from serving serious time and he has already smash a couple of sistas RAW. Who knows what type of disease dude caught while behind bars

    4. Condoning this bad behavior is detrimental to black women. Hence, why black women’s HIV numbers are dangerously high!

    5. It’s cheating if she finds out about it because he put it in her face. Many many many wives and girlfriends know there’s other women but ignore it so long as it’s not in their face disrespecting them.

    6. People treat they dogs better than Offsett and TI treat they wife’s.

      I could see if these woman were married to Michael B Jordan, Kobe, Steph Curry or somebody but…..dirty azz offset and TI, you gotta be freaking kidding me….

      Ain’t no way these faggots could play me and then get a second chance. Cardi need to go upgrade and get her a Lonzo Ball or somebody. And I guess Tiny just gone stick around until TI find his real wife.

      • Oh shut up you don’t even give head. Spoiled lil princess. Callin somebody a faggot. Bitch shut yo trap.

        • ?Thanks for the compliment?

          Ti would be okay but he’s literally like 5’4 claiming to be 5’9. Ive been to one of TI’s house parties. He seems like a real nigga but…..he is into some very strange stuff. I seen multiple men and woman going in and out of a room that he never came out of. I seen enough in person at his mansion to know, he’s a strange man that is into some non so thuggish activities.

          Now, I’ve never seen offset in person but it don’t take a rocket scientist to see he’s potentially Gay.

        • If it makes you feel any better. I sincerely believe lil duval is a 100% real nigga, no homo tendencies . I don’t know why he giving bad advice though???

          • Yeah hanging around Snoop well see how long that last

            Snoop.hangs around weirdos

            You saw lil duval shaking his ass in snoops video twerk your shoulders rapping over cameo she’s steange

            • No I gotta look that up. I have not seen a music video in years. I have no idea what’s going on, on tv at all. But I would not be surprised cause duval do hang with TI.

              Snoop has said something sus recently, like he told Bobby v, he not supposed to get caught with a tranny!!! That was definitely Strange.

              And it’s many rumors from creditable ppl that In they death row days they did some weirdo things at gun point. And a form of punishment for some gangs is for OG’s to rape the younger ones. Sooooo….. it’s possible..

            • I just watch the video. I did not see anything weird. He was just having fun and acting silly.

              Ti on the other hand was into sex parties, that’s what makes him suspect to me because he has woman and men there in one room together. Not just woman. He was rich, so what did he need niggaz in the room for? And niggaz that was not his homeboys either. His homeboys was out in the party drinking and dancing and outside picking and choosing which females could come in and arguing with fat females they ain’t want to let in.

            • Ti is not who he portrays himself to be.

              and It should be obvious to the public considering he always talking about having guns but when he was shot at, was the first one on trial snitching.

              Kids or no kids, Rich or poor, famous or regular, Street niggax got street rules and he ain’t follow protocol.

              Suge seen who shot Tupac and he had it handled. Kept tax dollars out of it.

    7. Maybe TI & LD have a album or concert comN up to draw some attention to themselfs on the backs of other peoples misery,common entertainment ploy smh…Haven’t eaten at popeys for a good min,the fam and i will be eating bbq platter frm hambones n bellflower for xmas dinner though yum

    8. And why are we giving this brake up so much attention?..smh..people break up every day….and can’t tell me we didn’t see this coming..#lifeGoesON?????X5

    9. Ain’t it soo funny how Ti got so much say about Cardi b Marriage, and when people spoke on his marriage he was telling everybody that was none of their business, people who talk slow and use big words don’t really be saying nothing “HYPOCRITICAL” at its best, if that was your mother, sister or daughter would you have co-signed with what lil-dummy posted so don’t be a D Rider to posts!

    10. Ti stfu you can’t talk about nobody marriage he wanna get mad and fight Mayweather cause tiny phukked him

      Deep down ti wanna phukk cardi

    11. Hummm theirs a popeyes a few blc frm me,i don’t eat fast food much ecept bk whoopers when i have a coupon or 2 fo 6,wonders if they look at me funny if i only order biscuits….curiosity

    12. Stankin ads cheatin south MTFS is always gone have each others backs. T. I and offstank both got funky and broads with multiple plastic surgeries these dumb ducks gotta stick together with they midget stank selves

        • Well these dumb niggard give all dumb stank niggard a bad name especially them ATL niggas. I’m glad I’m from California and glad I’m Spanish/Irish/westindian cuz I don’t got a bad reputation like those hoe ads negropolitans

    13. The definition for human is imperfect people it’s not the loyalty it’s the list and desires for something that god created that man can and can’t resist control is the soul he who Lay’s da foundation has the power. But what God puts together can’t no man or female separate we all to forgive and forget love covers a multitude of sin

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