Swizz Beatz Shares a Message From DMX


    dmx prison swizz beatz

    For those of you who were worried about DMX after the picture of him upon his release from prison showed him looking…different…the rapper wants everyone to know he’s okay.

    The message was relayed through Swizz Beatz who had a recent conversation with X. Here’s what he had to say:


    1. Always liked DMX’s music. If Swizz can get another beat as fire as “Uproar” for DMX, we can finally get some real hip hop back instead of this candy azz bubble gum isht this generation is producing now.

        • I don’t know WHY they think they can give us reconstituted mess and call it music!!!! Jacking for beats is REAL and in full effect!!!!!! Once upon a time there were TWO things I looked forward to while listening to RAP……CREATIVITY and IMAGINATION……….NONE WHICH IS USED IN TODAY’S LYRICS OR VIDEOS……AND CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE SCHOOL ME ON THE COLOR SCHEME OF RAP VIDEOS…….BLACK RED AND WHITE? SOMEBODY EXPLAIN? ALITTLE TOO DARK FOR MY TASTE!!!!!!

          • Black Red and White are all illuminati colors (black/white checker pattern is mason/freemason affiliated)…same with the pyramids, single eye depictions, even the BS symbol they are holding up in the picture above all rep the nati…

            Basically these puppet artists are stating who runs them and who their allegiance is to.

      • yeah, DMX was already demonic as hell when you really listen to his music. He was in the club but he wasn’t in the club. That shows. He looks compliant now. Whether by clone, reprogrammed or acceptance


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