Swae Lee Begs Girlfriend to Let Him Cheat In Peace


    swae lee girlfriend cheating

    Swae Lee’s girlfriend, Marliesia had their FaceTime session filmed where the rapper tried to convince her to hold it down for him while he cheats with other women.

    The Rae Sremmurd rapper also lists Chance the Rapper and Gucci Mane’s wives as examples of women who stuck by their man’s side.

    Marliesia accused Swae Lee of cheating on her with Blac Chyna in the past.

    She also claims she broke up with him after this FaceTime session.


    1. I mean what did she expect though he’s a rapper that uses bitch and ho in almost every single song. That nigga probably got kids from women in every single country.

      • I am single and I must say it is very easy beating men today. If you can hold a conversation, be upfront, respectful but not a pushover you will have 85% of the men beat. And if you have a great job like I do it is a wrap.

      • Because now women cheat openly. Back then, cheating women was in the closet as well so in 2019 it’s only fair. But she’s better than me because if he has money, he can cheat until his dock falls off as long as I get a few babies out of him and get some dick while he’s out of town.

    2. Guurrrllll let the lil mutt cheat……..thats what dogs do!!!!!!!!!!! He’s doing you a favor……..

      • Most light skinned women aren’t pretty PERIODT. The black man’s hatred of anything TOO black has made him DELUSIONAL, with his love of anything light/bright/white.

      • Don’t know what light skins you been around. As long as they take care of themselves, they still beat out any woman on the planet. It’s ugly in all races and colors. Dark skin girls would be next to the light skin girls if all of them weren’t so damn obeased and greasy. Dark skin girls be having lose stank puss too. I’ll take a ugly light bright over a dark skin anyway.

    3. I feel sorry for blackmen that think these Biracials and white girls are better than melaninated girls! Colorism is real and blackmen keep letting YT dictate who’s beautiful! Sad shit!

    4. Yea he cheats and like most trophy ho’s she’ll tough it out and look the other way for the money and the title of being some rapper’s girlfriend. These bitches deserve to be dogged out and cheated on.


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