Steve Harvey’s Talk Show Gets Canceled


    steve harvey talk show canceled
    A little over a year after Steve Harvey left Chicago for Los Angeles to host his talk show, the show has been canceled!

    The Hollywood Reporter announced that Steve’s NBC show will be replaced by a talk show hosted by former American Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson.

    Is this Steve’s karma for being shady to his employees?


        • Yeeeeep.

          Her and her children will take his $$$ even after she’s remarried because he stupidly adopted them.

          All that money they wasted on those yacht trips.

        • Nope……..wifey use to the dope boy life style…….and her ex was pardon for his illegal activities…….and out of prison.

    1. Steve still got 5 or 6 more jobs that just gives him a little more time to rest y’all sound like a bunch of haters

    2. The man net worth is 100 million dollars, one y’all show being cancelled is not gonna hurt his pockets. Is anybody on this post net worth 100 millionyeah thats what I thought.

    3. Let’s talk about black american hypocrisy. Most of you hate Stacey Dash, but love Steve Harvey. Stacey Dash made several statements about why she hates Obama and Steve Harvey said he didn’t give a damn about slavery. Both of those coons have insulted us at the pleasure of white people. Why do so many of you make appointments to watch Steve Harvey but you hate Stacey Dash?

      PS: Steve Harvey and Stacey Dash have shook hands with Donald Trump

    4. Dam you see comma is a throw black men unde the bus .. talking about how to treat a son how do you keep your TV show….that’s a real mother for you….stay tuned more to follow….

    5. Sitting crying like a little BITCH ….those bull shit tears a man …who gives a dam about you rich ass people loseing a job for once…what happens to us poor as people who don’t have a dam thing….you show don’t now all I can say you should have made better choices….

        • Marjorie has the life most of us are afraid to dream of….. Plus the lady worked her magic to climb the social ladder to succeed and the too of the food chain. Stop hating… She’s pretty, smart and has a Man who Loves her and worships get…… I don’t a woman who can honestly deny it. And if you do you ate just a Hater…… Don’t Hate, Congratulate.

          • Having to screw that Bastard is not the life most of us dream of….and nothing they have is worth hating on.

      • Grammar aside NYC making some good points,most black entertainers and athletes don’t give a shid abt we everyday black people yet we continue to support them with our time& $$,boycott their no talent azz’s already until the get the point… lololo @ the milk&cookies

    6. Marjorie may cancel Steve Harvey in due time. If that happens, she will get all of Steve’s money!

    7. THIS IS INCORRECT INFORMATION. The show is NOT canceled. Steve will stay on the air and will move from NBC to another station group in Fall 2019.

    8. His radio talk show in Dallas was canceled also due to several lawsuits against him…I believe its because he met with Dunno Trunk….

    9. When the legendary Bernie Mac died, Steve Harvey’s career blew up. Steve was always jealous of Bernie Mac. I preferred Bernie Mac’s tv show over Steve Harvey’s show. I wonder if Steve Harvey was responsible for Bernie Mac’s death.

    10. Kelly who ? Who is interested in watching this bimbo. What a mistake cancelling Steve. A proven honest talent. Who is in charge of this decision ? C’mon Steve. Go ahead and create your own show on BET or somewhere. We will follow you where ever you go. We love you.

    11. I think they’re trying to get ahead of the pending sex harrassment allegations re: previous employee which would most likely prompt me too movement to boycott the show anyway.

      It had to be done.

    12. He’ll be all right cause he’s got so many other shows. I just hope he learns a lesson from this. Cause sometimes when people got money they tend to forget their former self and develop some type of arrogant and start being disrespect toward others that aren’t financially successful. The white man will bring you up and he can bring you down anytime. So you’re never safe when you’re rich in America. Any scandal can bring your ass to the streets. So don’t let money change who you were.


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