Souljah Boy Has Mental Breakdown On Instagram


    souljah boy breakdown

    Souljah Boy is breaking down once again. This time he’s claiming no other rapper has a bigger house than him in Los Angeles. He also says “I’m the new best rapper alive” and claims he put Migos and Gucci Mane on, while his girlfriend looked embarrassed and tried to cover herself with a blanket during his rant.

    This is the second time in one week Souljah Boy has gone off on the rap game.


    1. HE’S THE G.O.A.T!!!!!!!!!FR FR? He may look like a goat but by far he’s not the G.O.A.T. That’s why these youngins need to leave the trees alone or whatever it is they’re smoking. IT KILLS YOUR BRAIN CELLS SON……..IT KILLS YOUR BRAIN CELLS!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. He use to be cute now he’s starting to look like a flavor flav wtf! He on some strong shit that’s aging him terribly ??‍♀️

    3. Quick, someone create a meme of this dude as Alonzo
      Harris (Denzel) from Training Day… “DRAKE-AIN’T-GOT


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