Soulja Boy Clowns Tyga: ‘I F****d Yo Baby Mama


    tyga blac chyna soulja boy

    Now that he and Blac Chyna are over, Soulja Boy is kissing and telling about their relationship in some tweets directed at Tyga.

    Is Soulja petty for this?


      • No. He caressed the crack pipe and rocks. He sang to them like, “I can tell you how I feel about you night and daaay.”

    1. I mean this is high school chit

      How much he paid her just to tell.tyga that he phukked chynas prostitute ass lol

    2. Blac Chyna is already “tainted” for messing wirh that frail crackbaby. We all know soulja snorts powder…..but im sure he knows how to cook it now. I hate to see niggas acting like gossipey bitches. Soulja’s “entertainment” career is on the ropes and it’s only a matter of time before he implodes.

    3. If she f**ocked Soulja, she will f***ock ANYBODY, ANYTHING. Dude doesn’t even look healthy and he doesn’t come across mentally sound.

    4. Who hasn’t that bitch fucked… Tyga don’t give a damn .. that bitch nasty just like her momma. She can’t fuck anyways. We’ve all seen it. So ain’t Ike that’s something to be proud about or brag about.

      • Well…..if you’re a low-life piece of fecal matter I guess you could consider that a come-up!!!!!!!!

    5. Ok the day when you fucked a homeboy wife or girl you was out to take his credibulity

      Tyga is a bisexual freak like chyna and kylie all bisexual freaks

      Lets see if souljah took that plastic
      Tyga likes trannies ask mia isabella


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