Snoop Is Ready to Put All the Lakers On a Slave Ship!


    snoop dogg lakers

    Snoop Dogg is so tired of the “sorry” Lakers, he’s ready to ship the whole team out on a slave ship (except for LeBron James, of course).

    Can you blame him?


    1. Guess he gonna be the captain

      Social media gave these rappers too much time.

      Other old skool rappers dissing eacj other on instagram live talking about their one hits they made since the 90s

      • Ugh…great googly moogly…if there were no residuals/track royalties for snoop’s ass, he’d be ‘outchea’ doin’ a bit of strange for chump change as well….

    2. its weird how black americans always disrespect their ancestors i.e dating their opressors, putting MILK on strip club promos, lyrics about beating like Emmet Till and they never get checked smdh.

    3. Remember the year 1994? Snoop was this close to being a lifetime slave in prison. Mr. Broadus is the one black man who shouldn’t joke about slavery. Oh well, he is a coon who lost his ability to rap.

    4. They miss Lonzo Ball…he doesn’t score a lot but he seems to be the glue for the team. Oh yeah and Fire Luke Walton

    5. You can bet Kobe is laughing his ass off. The Lebron James’ Lakers are losing. They may not make the playoffs. This solidifies his position as a player who is superior to Lebron James.

      • @ nba is fixed The Kobe Bryant Lakers at the end were worse than these guys. They haven’t been shit since and it started under Kobe’s watch.

        Also lest you forget when they traded Shaq, the Lakers under Kobe sucked until they got Gasol

        I like how people overlook or forget the total picture.

        And Snoop always wants to remind you how ignorant he really is dunce.

    6. Snoop needs to go fry some chicken with his white sugar mama martha stewart

      Thought chaunte was gonna divorce his ass. Guess she waiting on another millionaire or she woyld have been left

      Wonder do camille cosby got her a young man she spending bills money on lol

    7. They use Snoop to break in the new talent sexually like the buck breaking programs of old.. he is a homosexual just look at this feminine acting bitch.


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