Snoop Dogg’s Memorial Day Message Flops


    snoop dogg memorial day message

    Snoop Dogg posted an interesting meme on Memorial Day, and he didn’t get the kind of response he was hoping for.

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    Memorial Day

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    Some of the comments read:

    “So the union didn’t fight to free the slaves? The emancipation proclamation wasn’t real? Damn snoop, your mind is just as dull as your music.”

    “this post goes against what martin luther king wanted”

    “I get what you’re saying, but as somebody who served, we didn’t see race. We’re all brothers in arms and I lost good friends, black and white.”

    Do you agree with Snoop or is he out of line?


    1. I mean he isn’t lying. Muhammad Ali said this yearsss ago. Even went to jail for refusing to fight in war

      • Quote from Muhammad Ali, “The white people send the black people to kill the yellow people (Vietnamese) to protect the land they stole from the red people.”

        This is one of several reasons why Ali is and always will be the greatest of all time.

    2. Those dumb and ignorant fans of his who responded don’t know their history. Those brothas fought a war thinking that same country they defended would respect them back, but only came back to the same racism and discrimination prior to the war. Many came back thinking life would be better, but were found swinging from a tree with their uniform still on.

    3. A lot of those soldiers were killed when they returned from the war by Racist White Supremacists. Snoop wasn’t lying.

    4. Any black man or black woman who joins the US Military might as well join the ku klux klan; it’s the same thing!

      • Funny… I have several black brothers that I served with that I’m sure would completely disagree with you. None of us gave two shits about what color each of us were.

        • The mission of the kkk is to kill colored people in America. The US military’s mission is to kill colored people in foreign countries.

          • And what is the mission of black men who kill more black people in one year than the KLAN has done since its inception.

            • Races tend to kill their own, so the idea of black-on-black crime is stupid.

              And where’s your source for your bs stat?

              • Google is your friend. Pointing a finger when 3 are pointing back at you. No one has killed more black people than black men.

                • The same can be said for any race, dumb ass. What would you prefer… ANOTHER RACE that kills you more than you kill yourself?

                  Wypipo be dumb as F….

    5. Message to all black men and women who chose to serve in the military, “YOU BIG DUMMIES” (Red Foxx voice)

    6. And therein lies the problem nggas still trying to be accepted by a krew of kave beast kakkras instead of worrying about taking care of their own.

      These people are NOT our people we aren’t supposed to be accepted or even be a part of these mongrels we are The Most High’s Chosen which will always make us hated/targets by the World.

      That first commenter doesn’t know the civil war wasn’t fought to free slaves, it was fought to unite the country, lincoln didn’t even want blacks in the country, he wanted to send them back to afriKKKa so the whole freeing the slaves thing was an afterthought…which still doesn’t 100% apply because of that little stipulation in the 13th amendment which still allows slavery for the incarcerated.

      That second idiot doesn’t know martin was killed because he realized integration would be the downfall of our people and was switching his views.

      And that third Idiot is completely Full of Shit, because I know for a Fact through my niece being called all type of n****rs by her superior officers they don’t want or respect having us in the military.

      • Naw bra, You got it all wrong! You’re a race baiting hypocrit that seems to want segregation. You’re full of racism and are no better than the KKK. Fuck off dude!

      • Hell, as much complaining as we do about our race I wonder what the American Indians think when they hear us go on about “our rights”, “The most high chosen” that’s a damn shame. Hell, I’m happy we have a race, college fund, colleges, NAACP, churches etc. Those poor people to this day aren’t able to speak their language, practice religious beliefs and barley have a race anymore. Instead of whining and digging on our ancestors past. Be empowered and help those that don’t have a voice! Wake up

        • Fuck them engines…

          They would slit your fucking throat as fast as a kakkra…they also would capture/return slaves for a fee…I give zero fucks about them.

          Besides they have casinos where they can fleece the public, what reparations do you have?

        • ^^^ Do you listen to yourself. So you are speaking your own language = English…lol…alll churches are headed by the pope, “your” colleges are funded by other races, NAACP wa was founded and is controlled by Jhoos and they also set the curriculum of supposedly black colleges with theirGreek secret societies.. Lol. I’ve heard it all, the black man’s language is English. Wow. My people are truly lost.

      • And black men call her all types of bitches and ho, so what is your point. Oh i get only the is allowed to abuse black people, men, women and children.

    7. The civil war wasn’t fought to free SLAVES………it was fought for economic reasons. The south wanted to secede because they were getting money from other countries……..and the North said can’t HAVE that. Capitalism in the infant stage.

      • Truly PartlyAnon…but after being in the Dallas VAMC System, I’ve figured it out–and it only took 18 years to do it.
        1. the damaged/FU’d inmates are the crew–meaning, all the vets who are sick are the employees. I went in for mental health (my mom died of undiagnosed cancer in less than a month), thinking they’d help. A employee at DVAMC stole my half-washed panties on the day I was clearing out. Nasty
        2. they have contract physicians making $1500/hr dumber than fuk (can’t operate a PC and send lab orders by computer)
        At least the military gives you something the hood doesn’t—discipline and a low percent home loan (racket)
        3. Keep renting until then. It isn’t yours until you have a deed anyway. Invest in yourself.

      • We aren’t talking about the va we are talking about black soldiers were treated when they returned from war…Not ONE white soldier was ever lynched based on their race.

        • No, white soldiers only get beheaded.

          We are the only race that thinks we are the only ones getting f*cked over. The only color it’s ever been about is green and every other race but us has figured that out.

          We’re gonna keep on missing the lesson until the Native Americans get above us too.

          • And?

            They Got EVERYTHING they DESERVED…more of them should have been.

            It is Dumb negroes like you who don’t know the truth about who you are who will NEVER get it.

            • Isn’t Meek posting something you should be following?

              Sounds like you don’t know what’s going on.

              But I can’t lower myself to your level to help you understand.

              • LMAO…Bitch You aren’t on Any level.

                You will see when the time comes or not Stupid never really learns.

                • FYI, Only Stupid Bitches like you follow I Lead and Make Change for My community.

              • The idea that any person that disagrees with you MUST like Meek Mill shows how much of an out of touch, dumb ass you are… basically a yt American (same difference).

    8. And knowing all this y’all ASSES still won’t a. Leave, b. Boycott, C . Stop sleeping with them. D. All the above.

      Juat like complaining

        • So much so that in Africa they were selling their own kind to the evil white men in boats… But nobody wants to talk about that.

          • In America 60,000 Black children go missing every year, sold as sex slaves and for body parts. Who do you think is responsible? The black man is mainly responsible for kidnapping these black children In Africa and the Americas. Nothing has changed. Slave catches are still alive and kicking. They can’t compete with their arch enemy so they abuse the innocents = black children.

    9. Tell me what and who gets lynched today when coming back from serving our country in our military…?!!? TODAY is all that matters…stop bringing up the past…you will never profit from it! Fuck reparations! People are benefiting from being able to live in the US…thank your ancestors for making the sacrifice so YOU didn’t have to!!!


      • “The whites” are at it again… with deflective logic. One minute pining for Americans to “never forget” any atrocity committed towards a group of themselves (Memorial Day, 9/11, school shooting, etc), so “we don’t forget the past” and then immediately switch over to some “get over it” bullshit whenever it comes to someone else.

        Shut the FIDDUCK up ypipo. Your tactics are played and plenty tired.

    10. I will never deny the history of this country or the evil of whites, but memorial day is about celebrating soldiers.

      Why couldn’t Snoop use his platform as a celebrity to recognize all the brave, brilliant, and wonderful things black soldiers have done?

      Why not celebrate our achievements instead of giving evil whites attention for their sickness?

      Why not celebrate greatness instead of focusing on negativity?

      Like, this seems to be a sickness with some people where they can’t focus on all the great things black people are and have done.

      We’re the original people; the only people. White isn’t even a real race. Let’s focus on what’s beautiful about our people, especially those who risk their lives and take on challenges the average person regardless of race is terrified of

      And Snoop has no problem celebrating criminals that kill other black men for “stripes,” but it’s a whole problem to commend a black man for being an actual soldier…😐


      • “The whites” are at it again… with their deflective logic… Snoop doesn’t “celebrate criminals” that kill other black men… he celebrates the sons of black folks that where fucked over by institutionalized racism, who happen to be gang bangers. “Niggas don’t sell crack, to see blacks smoke… niggas sell crack because they broke”.

        ypipo claim to the smartest mofos around, until it comes to understanding basic logic or the human condition outside of their pale disposition…

        ENOUGH already… LOSERS.

      • They rape ALL women in the military…

        That whole killitary kulture is Shit, especially toward women.

    11. And this is why nggas as a whole will never get shit done as a people.

      Too busy running from the past which is STILL very real today and thinking if we leave shit alone things will change, yet not realizing 400 FUCKING YEARS LATER SHIT IS EXACTLY THE SAME, just those with a little money don’t have to see or deal with it like those on the front lines…smfh.

      You Stupid MFs who think you will ever be accepted are the Dumbest People I have ever seen.

      Hebrews (Blacks not afriKKKants) will ALWAYS be prosecuted, they stole/wiped your history, heritage and made you think you came from savages and all you Fools continue to believe it.

      The Truth about who we are is out there yet you Idiots still want to suck off whitey’s tit.

      I can’t wait for the second coming and I hope you Simp Ass Sheeple will be left in the Dust.

      • I completely agree! A lot of black people in America are too stubborn and not willing to change or read anything. There’s so much information out there, but I guess worrying about Jay Z, sports, getting the latest Jordans, taking vacations they can’t afford, and etc., is more important. Black people are going to have to unite or else. We are all we have. We have NO ALLIES and all those of stupid non blacks in the comments talking about “we don’t see race” are the same people who are SILENT when blacks are being oppressed on the streets.

    12. It’s a fact that all black men and women who joined the military have no idea what they’re really fighting for.

    13. He claims a gang that don’t claim him.

      He Slaves for a label that don’t care nothing about him.

      Soooo I mean Tomatoe, tomato.

      • Good point. I’m surprised Calvin Broadus is still alive! Makes you wonder what he is doing behind the scenes to stay alive.

        • He don’t go to the hood and when he do, he either have real legit security that’s slmost 7 ft tall and armed or he only be around his cousins and don’t nobody know he there but them.

          I don’t blame him for that cause niggax are bonified haters, but to tell someone else they a slave when he one to is beyond me.

          • Yeah he gotta daz and kurupt to make those underground CDs nobody buts but lotal deathrow and for fans

            Yes day and kurupt still.making CDs for their loyal fans lol

        • Snoop travels with real security. Like white ones that are snipers. And he has more than enough. Like 8 for him, 5 for his wife and 4 for “each”one of his kids. They each got they own set of body guards. You have to go through about 20 real security guards and 55 homeboys before you can get to Snoop at times. And I don’t blame him.

    14. And comments like this is exactly why Black Americans are a joke and I say this as NATIVE BLACK AMERICAN. This generation worries too much about being accepted and “ain’t we all brothers” but yet we are THE MOST MISTREATED people in the history of this nation. I love being a Black American, but as a whole we need to clean up our culture and change our mentality. NO BLACK PERSON who knows their TRUE HISTORY should be offended by Snoop’s post. I remember Chris Rock posted something similar to that on social media years ago for Independence Day and non blacks (especially whites) were upset because he mentioned slavery. NEWSFLASH. These are BLACK AMERICANS and this is our HISTORY. If you don’t like it take your asses back to your HOME COUNTRIES and build those up. These mongrels don’t have a right to tell us about our OWN history. It is what it is.

      I guess it’s a very true statement that 2/3 of the black race just aren’t going to make it or wake up. I swear a lot of black people are so DUMB and hell yeah we are cursed. I see more sick black people in hospitals than any other race. We need more Dr. Claud Anderson’s and less Jay Zs and Beyonces.

    15. Question for all black men and women in the military, why did you choose to fight for a country that murdered Dr. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X?

      • Questions for you:
        why did Martin have sex with white women when they were killing his people in front of him?

        if you feel so strongly, why are you still here?

        You have options. Literally, you as a young black man can be in some exotic country with a gorgeous woman satisfying your fantasies. And you’d experience anywhere from no racism to barely any. And you could exploit the strength of the American dollar there.

        But you stay. Some could call you a sellout, or say you’re full of sh**, but that’s ridiculous. And it’s just as stupid to try to clown black military members, much of whom are just trying to finance college.

        • Did MLK fuck white bitches? Yes, he was a flawed man who often made decisions with his dick. Nevertheless he made more positive contributions than most black men. He did more for us than President number 44.

          Second, racism is global. Most countries, including some African countries hate us. A black man or woman can take their chances living in another country. Be warned, other countries do not have clean water or food and the consequences for breaking the laws are more harsh than Amerikkka.

          Finally I will continue to criticize black people for joining the military. Integration doesn’t work and black people joining the military is the most pathetic and treasonous form of integration. While black men and women fight for America in foreign countries, America murders black people with no remorse or sympathy. To put it in layman terms, black people who join the military are the ultimate sambos.


          • No NBA DA PEDO is the ultimate sambo with his let’s free R.Kelly campaign. You does that? WHO in their right mind supports a PEDOPHILE and wants them out ON the streets so they can continue to rape black children…..SAMBO = NBA DA PEDO?

    16. Attention all black men and women in the military, while you fight for America, America murdered the following black people:

      1. Trayvon Martin
      2. Alton Sterling
      3. Philando Castille
      4. Oscar Grant
      5. Sean Bell
      6. Tamir Rice (Only 11 years old)
      7. Eric Garner
      8. Stephon Clarke
      9. Amadou Diallo
      10. Michael Brown

      • And while white people did that, you were probably wining and dining white women. And their proxies: latinos and Hispanics.

        And they were fighting for a free college education to make a better life for their black spouses, children, and extended family.

      • And where is the list of the THOUSANDS Of blaxk men, women and CHILDREN killed by Black men, including Crip…? I swear most black men are mentally ill. Always telling us about what the so called devil is doing,, whilst ignoring that their own shit pile is sky high.

        • Most black men aren’t mentally ill… just the one’s you grant access between your legs.

          Don’t watch for flashy niggas in your childhood prime… get played by them… bypass boring (but stable) blue collar niggas… and then have the gall to state “most black men” this or that…

          You can HAVE that.

    17. Snoop no better he made. Album called never left oh the irony

      Snoop been left the hood he’s on every tv channel, hes on talk shows, game shows, even cooking with Martha Stewart

      How many pfunk songs he gonna use over and over again


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